How can I improve my new online store?

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Hi everyone, 

wondering if I could please get some feedback on my store. I have just finished it and not sure if I should add or remove anything. Any feedback would be great! Thank you!

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Hi @NeuroDepth , 

This is Ricardo from InventoryHero app, I will list my findings here: 

  • When I click on "Add to Cart" button the product does not actually gets added to the cart, instead a popup is displayed with all the product description, maybe you need to change the text in the button for something like "View Product" 
  • When I navigate to "Follow us" page, I can only see links instead, from my perspective this is not what I expect to see when I go to that page. Try to add posts from your social media instead so the users can see even more content.  RickInventoryH_0-1687205646198.png


  • The same applies for Beyond Blue page RickInventoryH_1-1687205646351.png


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Hi Ricardo, thanks very much for your feedback, I will defiantly take this on board and make changes for each of these areas. Few questions regarding the things you mentioned. 
- how do I change logo size without the whole header pushing down and creating more space?

-how do I change the text for the  add to  cart button? 
thanks again! 

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Hi, thanks for your feedback! I will automate the sales! I would love for you to share some proven strategies! Thanks! 

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Hello @NeuroDepth ,


We've looked at your store and it looks pretty good right now. However, there is only a few suggestions that we think you might want to check out to improve your store front design and boost your sales.


1. Favicon:

Consider to add your favicon to your store site, this can incredibly increase your brand awareness and help your customers recognize your store easily while surfing on their tabs.

You can see how to add favicon here:

Screen Shot 2023-06-20 at 13.47.50.png


2. Logo size:

Your header looks fine, but it would be much better if your logo can be bigger a little bit, so that your header not have too much white space. 

Screen Shot 2023-06-20 at 14.39.00.png


3. Testimonials:

Reviews play a crucial part when it comes to shopping online. People tend to make purchases for store that has many reviews, including good or bad one. You can try to use a third-party app to create a testimonials section for you and you can customize the widget to reflect your brand best.


Hope these suggestions can be helpful. Let us know if you need any further support.

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Thanks for your advice! I will defiantly take it on board! 
the favicon I already added, but it only shows it on Google chrome, how do I make it visible for every web browser? 
with the logo, how do I make it bigger without it pushing the whole header down and making the white gap even bigger? 
thanks again. 

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I would remove some of this text and section padding so images and add to cart are visible on landing


I would also add at least one image to the about us page


This page is somewhat confusing, initially I thought these elements were part of the website not a static image, I understand the idea but would redesign this probably


Other than that would just recommend adding some colored sections in even if they are just black rather than all white as it currently is, you could also consider a font change to differentiate from the many stores which use this theme unaltered.
theme editor>theme settings>colors
theme editor>theme settings>typography

Overall looks good, keep it up!


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Thanks very much for your feedback, I really appreciate it!