How can I improve my new online store?

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Hello Guys,


This is my newly created store, I want a feedback.


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Hey @taybun 


I like the concept of your store! Overall the visual and layout look nice - very minimal and clean. Few things I suggest you adjust to make it convert better:


1. Showcase the result(s). People always love to see the product in action. "Don't sell the drill. Sell the hole". The end result, rather than the product itself, should be the key focus of your brand/ message. Explain why it's different and why a customer should want your product over a competitor's. This would lead us to 2.


2. Explain the key benefit. Yes the bracelet looks nice. Yes it's modern. Yes it's durable. But why else should customers want it? Use these to back up your results. Make sure that it is digestible through the use of icons, numbers, or bullet points.


3. Fully explain the product through a range of mediums - cater for as many users and scenarios as possible - through video, images, and text, with animations, recording the product used in water, with sweat, under the heat, on people working out, etc. Make it real. Bring it to life. 


4. Explain your brand. Including a product feature section on the homepage is direct - and risky at the same time. Let visitors know and understand you first ebfore trying to sell them something. Why is your handmade bracelet different, or worth their attention? Craft a brand identity that revolves around your product. What is the meaning of the wild cat on the bracelet? Each element should complement and enhance your product's story, values, and USP.


5. Show social proof. I see you got a section of social proof there - and you're on the right track! Make the reviews easy to sort by product type so they can appear more trustworthy.


That's a good starting point 🙂


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Hi @taybun,

This is Kate from PageFly - Shopify Landing Page Builder App. 

Your new store is amazing! You've put a lot of work into it, and it shows. To help you attract even more customers, here are a few suggestions:


1.  Add CTA button on hero banner section

CTA button on your hero banner section helps convert store visitors into customers by providing clear direction, encouraging engagement, and optimizing the user experience. It can redirect to a collection page, or a product page, etc.


You can check this image for reference:



2. Add payment method on product details

By immediately showcasing a variety of payment options, including popular ones like PayPal or Google Pay, customers are less likely to abandon their purchase due to payment uncertainty. This can lead to increased impulse purchases and overall sales.


You can check this image for reference:



3. Add additional product images that show the product with a model

Showcases the product in use: Seeing a model using the product can help potential customers visualize how it would look and feel on them, making it more relatable and appealing.


4. Check cart issue

The shopping cart doesn't seem to be working correctly. The number of items doesn't change after adding products. Could you please check?


5. Adjust testimonial section

I recommend updating the testimonial section with real customer reviews to showcase the positive experiences people have had with your products or services.

PageFlyKate_6-1700617871835.png6. Prepare for holiday events

To generate more sales during this upcoming holiday season, I suggest creating an eye-catching promotion banner showcasing your Christmas products. This banner can be placed strategically on your homepage and other crucial pages to capture the attention of potential customers and encourage them to browse your Christmas collection.

Like this:


Wishing you continued success,

Kate - PageFly Team

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Hi Taybun, 

This is Amee from Gojiberry - Shopify Survey & Feedback App

I like the style and aesthetics of your store so far! I took a look at your store and have a few suggestions that will help: 

1  Adding a blog. It seems like this is an original design. Writing about the process, the concept, and pairing tips could help with your site SEO and also draw in the right audiences! 
2. Fill out the testimonial section & add an Instagram page. If you have an Instagram page showcasing your product, you can add some previews on your site to make it more populated with content. 
3. Ask your customers! (Most effective for increasing conversion) Ask where your converting customers are coming from. You can easily do so with a post-purchase survey app, and reward your customers with coupons/points to keep them coming back again. Once you find out your strongest marketing channel, focus more effort and money on that. 


Hope this helps! 

Amee | Gojiberry Team 

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Hey @taybun.
Thanks for reaching out.
I appreciate that you have provided your online store URL for us to explore! Looking into your store, I noticed that it is a bit difficult to see the header navigation menu. You could potentially change the color of the font to make it stand out better. I took a screenshot of the section I am referring to: 
Additionally, you can add more social media icons to the footer of the store. This can provide your visitors with a sense of security about making a purchase - knowing they can reach out to the business across multiple platforms. You can add social media icons to the online store by following this guide here
Let me know if you have any questions.

Ollie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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