How can I improve my newly opened online store?

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Would love store feedback?  Newly opened: 

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Hi @BillWJ,


This is Emma at PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder app.

I see your page has a stunning and sophisticated appearance. To enhance the design further, I have a few recommendations listed below:


1. Make the header sticky

Incorporating sticky headers enables customers to conveniently access the menu navigation regardless of their scrolling direction. Moreover, the sticky header can serve as a convenient means for customers to quickly access the product search area.




2. Align the content

For highly visual, you should add 1 more column in this section to reduce the blank space



3. Add hover to each button

Customers will be able to identify the functionality of each button by hovering over it, which provides visual cues.



4. Add testimonials - customer reviews

Customer reviews serve as evidence of the quality of your products, and having a dedicated section for reviews will aid in building trust with customers. You can choose to display rating stars for each product or include customer reviews in the form of text and photos. Reviews play a vital role in online shopping.

You can check this image for reference:


That’s all of my feedback! Hope it helps


Best Regards,

Emma - PageFly Team

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Hello @BillWJ ,


Congrats on your new store and the design looks really appealing. My suggestions to improve it further:


1) Header & Banner:

  • Announce bar loads with a delay resulting in a layout shift and it looks a bit clunky. The bar loads with an external CDN after the entire page loads. It would be much better to use a custom solution that loads with rest of the page.
  • For users to navigate seamlessly, header can be sticky on either scroll down or up.
  • As the banner image background is light, It would look much better if the header loads in transparent and switches color as the user scrolls or changes pages.
  • The subtle product animation looks great. However in my opinion it would look better if the image animates in with ease out where it starts fast and slows down as it gets larger.

2) Trust Badge Section:

  • The section would align with rest of the design if centered. Currently it's hugging left.
  • Icons can be slightly bigger with more descriptive images. The GMP and FDA icons aren't much clear:
  • I would suggest adding more padding between the boxes for a clean UI. An example design:
  • Currently, health-witness-fitness section doesn't look appealing. You can add images/icons corresponds to each word and give padding in between like the above image for a better design:
  • In addition, trust badges above the footer is clean enough and you may remove the "Certifications:" text:

3) Products & Collections:

  • It's an important part of the website design to keep integrity between product images & hover effects. Some suplements show ingredients and some add a subtle animation. I would suggest to serve all suplements with animations or alternative image and show descriptions & ingredients on product page:
  • Alternatively, if possible providing tablet or product pictures would be great to build credibility.
  • As the main selling point is suplements, I believe removing apparels from home page and highlighting the main products would help with the design and conversion optimization. As the apparels have the brand logo, it's much more likely that repeating customers would buy them and they would buy from the dedicated collection page. This would optimize the home page for new visitors:

4) Storytelling & Hotspot Sections:

  • These sections are important to improve both design & SEO and build credibility. Users should be able to tell what the product does and why they should buy it as they scroll. Currently these aren't answered clearly.
  • Below the banner and above the trust badge section, you could add a hotspot section where benefits of the products are served clearly, backed with visuals. In general, It's always better to include descriptive images / illustrations / icons to back texts for a better design and keep the visitors engaged. Currently this section on the home page doesn't grab attention and won't be read by majority of visitors:
  • Also, It helps a lot to write blogs & articles anything related to the products and highlight them on the home page. Example:

5) Make Discount Offers Visible:
You offer free shipping on orders above $50 however you can also notify on the cart so that US customers know about the deal and make sure they reach $50 to get free shipping. You can use a discount progress bar for visitors from US like:



6) Email marketing:

  • I'd suggest you to collect customer emails and implement email marketing strategy. Return rate of email marketing is much higher than ads. It'll help a lot to collect emails and build a customer base.
  • You can provide discount codes for first customers then include it on announcement bar and place the section above the footer like:


I hope these help and good luck! Feel free to reach out if you need any further assistance.


Eray Barslan | Shopify Developer & Designer

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Hi @BillWJ

This ir Ricardo at InventoryHero app.

I really like the look & feel of your website, it looks really good, I will drop some thoughts you can take into consideration:


1. In responsive mode you need to make your menu bar always available so user does not need to swipe all the way up to find the menu, another idea is you can add an Up/Down arrow button so user can easily go Up or Down while browsing

Captura de pantalla 2023-06-01 a la(s) 10.26.07.png

2. Locations' design from your menu bar looks completely different from the other pages from your site, you should try to make it compatible so users don't get lost while seeking your locations 

Captura de pantalla 2023-06-01 a la(s) 10.25.12.png

 3. You can read this UI/UX guidelines to see if you can grab some ideas from there and improve even more your great site. 


I hope all my feedback help you, have a good day.


Best Regards,

Ricardo - InventoryHero


Ricardo | InventoryHero app Specialist
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Thank you for the recommendations.