How can I improve my online store,

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Hi everyone

I’d welcome some thoughts on my store.
I opened mid-October. I’ve had it optimised and I’m bringing more niche-focused products online, the most recent being my sweatshirt collection. I’d love to get feedback to see if there’s anything I’ve missed or could tweak. I’ve run some engagement test ads on fb but none have reached their desired metrics so I’ve not started with paid ads yet. 

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Hey there,

Congrats on your store - it's looking fantastic!

Here are some detailed suggestions to enhance it further:

- I suggest resizing the navigation bar a bit it for a more polished look. This adjustment will not only improve the banner's appearance but also prevent any image cut-off issues.

- Consider moving the 'Welcome' message up a bit; having it in the middle may appear a bit unconventional. Placing it strategically can create a more seamless and appealing layout.

- Adding a dedicated area for customer testimonials is a powerful way to build trust. Positive feedback from satisfied customers can significantly influence potential buyers.

- In the era of heightened data privacy concerns, a compliance app is essential. I highly recommend exploring some options on the Shopify app store to manage customer data securely and maintain GDPR compliance.

- Evaluate and redesign your social media grid for a better brand representation. Consistent posts, especially promoting special discounts and deals, can significantly boost your online presence and drive more traffic to your store.|

I think that by improving the things mentioned above will definitely help you boosting your site performance. Wish you all the best 🙂

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Thanks so much for your time! It’s really appreciated.

To respond to your comments:
- reducing the size of the navigation bar proved impossible to do. That’s the best size I could get. I’m using the Dawn theme: it wouldn’t reduce down any more. It bugs me but there we are!
- yes the welcome text block was originally the first area on my home page but got moved down to allow for Christmas shopping announcements
- I’m using the Vitals app which should give me testimonials and reviews. But I’ve not explored it much and given that I’ve had no sales I have no reviews
- compliance app would be good yes so I’ll explore this
- social media grid; by this do you mean my instagram? I’m becoming hugely skeptical about how much benefit I’m getting from organic traffic. My numbers on instagram seem to fluctuate wildly day to day and I’ve started to not trust it. I don’t know what to post on instagram and was told to only v occasionally post about products as it can put people off following. Hence I’ve only posted very infrequently

Any further thoughts you may have would be very welcome

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Hi again,

- If you're wrestling with setting up parts of your web theme, hit up the support team. They would definitely can provide a solution with some custom tweaks.

Adding some banners for announcements or promo deals. I think is a good option, and you won't need to redo your whole homepage every time there's a cool offer.

- Have you ever tried sending newsletters to your customers? Keep them in the loop about special offers and promos. It can boost your traffic and sales.

- Talking about your Instagram grid. Make sure your content vibes with your target audience. Plan your posts weekly and check out tools like Semrush for site performance. I am pretty sure they offer a free plan. Make some test, check what works for you, try some A/B testing, or may be run some ads on your socials to see what results you are going to get. 

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Hi @Abalcomb44 

I am Garcia from PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder App. Your store is so good and well designed, I like it. But there are rooms for improvements, I have some feedback for your Store and hope that they can help you increase the design.

Sticky header

It provides constant access to the navigation menu, improving the usability and accessibility of the site.



Add more featured collections on Home page

Some collections may contain your most popular or high-margin products. Displaying them prominently can encourage visitors to explore and make purchases.

You can refer this example:



Have a Secondary Hover Image

Including a secondary hover image provides an interactive element to your website. When users hover over a product or element, they get an immediate visual response, making the browsing experience more engaging. The second image can be the products on models.



Highlight core product and brand features

As your products are really unique, I think you can make this unique selling point stand out on the Home page. Emphasize how your products offer not just physical warmth but also mental relaxation through serene, zen-inspired designs…


 Some suggestions for holiday season

As I can see, you have already started preparing content for the Christmas campaign. However, I would like to suggest considering the following points to further enhance your website's performance during this festive season. Incorporating these ideas will ensure that your site stands out and excels in this holiday season.

  • Update your website with a festive theme that reflects the holiday spirit. Add seasonal graphics, banners, and colors to create an inviting and celebratory atmosphere for visitors.


  • Utilize countdown timers to instill a sense of urgency for time-sensitive offers or flash sales, effectively encouraging conversions.
  • Provide customers with the option of gift wrapping during the checkout process, making it hassle-free for those purchasing presents for loved ones.

Hope it helps! 

Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!

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I love your website. You have some great products on there. Do you mind looking at mine.

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Thanks for your kind words!

I think my immediate feelings are that it feels a bit disorganised. You’ve got all the products jumbled up; it might be nicer to organise these in hoodies, t-shirts etc.

I’m not clear on what your niche is? Could you add an opening welcome message to introduce who you are and what your products are about?

I couldn’t see a returns or shipping policy

You might want to add an announcement bar along the top and run discounts pertaining to the holidays (like my FESTIVE15). Always have a discount running.

These are my initial thoughts.

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Hello @Abalcomb44 


  • Sticky header is recommended, as it makes it easy for the user to directly jump to the menu at any point of time while they are navigating through the Site.
  • A properly designed and built hero banner can help drive the right kind of customers on your website. Consider a strong message that represents what next step you want your site visitor to do based on their needs along with the CTA button on the banner.
  • Growing your business with a business blog is a great way to market your site. Now that you have some traffic coming to your site through your blog, you have an opportunity to convert that website traffic into leads.
  • Expand your social media promotions and attach those social links to the icons on footer menu. Make sure that social links open on new tab
  • Update contact us page with adding more details, as it builds trust on your store.
  • You can also sell your products on Etsy marketplace as it is very good platform to sell unique, handmade and Vintage goods . If you are already selling on Etsy store consider our Etsy Integration app in the shopify app store which provides seamless integration between Shopify-Etsy shop. Etsy is a Huge marketplace for selling creative goods such as art & collectibles, crafts & supplies, jewellery &accessories and more,If you have any unique/handmade/vintage goods in your store, you can give further exposure to your products.


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Hi Abalcomb44, 

This is Amee from Gojiberry - Shopify Survey & Feedback App

First of all, your site looks quite wonderful and cozy. I took a look at your store and have a few suggestions that will help increase your conversion rate: 

1. A few more images for banners. Your banner is eye-catching but probably not to everyone's aesthetics. I would suggest adding rotating banners so you can showcase more of your products and appeal to a wider audience. 
2. Connect Social Media. If you already have a growing Instagram account, it would help to connect the feed to your main site, thus giving it more social proof. Research shows that 76% of customers buy products seen on social media posts. 
3.  Adding a blog. I love the sustainability mission behind your products. Why not talk more about it? Create blog posts that would appeal to your target audience can help them discover your site. 

4. Influencer Collab. Since you have visually appealing products, it would be good to connect with micro-influencers, send them some of your pieces, and ask them to create some content for your social media as well as your Shopify store. 
5. Ask your customers! (Most effective for increasing conversion) When you have some converting customers, ask them how they found out about your shop. You can easily do so with a post-purchase survey app, and reward your customers with coupons/points to keep them coming back again. Once you find out your strongest marketing channel, focus more effort and money on that.


Hope this helps! 

Amee | Gojiberry Team 

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Thank you for your suggestion they were very helpful