How can I improve my online store for better conversions?

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Good morning, I would like you to review my store to see how I can improve it in order to increase traffic and have conversions to sales. 
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Hey @Bananaloka.
Thanks for reaching out. 
I appreciate that you have provided us with your online store URL for us to explore! Looking into your store, I noticed that you do not currently have a favicon added to your homepage. A favicon is a small image that displays on the browser tab and represents the business/company. If you take a look towards your browser tabs - I am certain you will see a favicon! You can add a favicon to your online store by following this guide here.
Add your store policies as a menu to the footer section of the store. At the moment, it looks like your store policies are a bit hidden and hard to see - I took a screenshot of the section I am referring to:
I would suggest making these easier to select and find for your customers/visitors. This is a great way to provide your visitors with a sense of security about their purchase. Additionally, you can add a Contact Us option to the header navigation menu to allow your visitors to easily reach out with any questions. 
Let me know if you have any questions.

Ollie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @Bananaloka

Thanks for reaching out to the community. This is MooseDesk - All-in-one Shopify Ticketing System App


Congrats on your new store! Your store looks stunning. I can tell you have put a lot of effort into building this. However, I have some comments to make the good get even better. Here are some of my recommendations for better customer experience, please kindly check. 🙂


1. Home Page




- I love it when you already have your header sticked. However, the header/navigation bar is too big. It covers 1/3 of the screen display and makes it harder for me - a visitor to clearly look at the products -> This would hurt the customer experience and make them want to leave.


I propose to make the header's height shorter and the logo smaller. I have drawn the normal size of the header for you on the screenshot you can based on that to make a more visually pleasing proportion.




- This is the hero section of your website and it did a good job in being beautiful (I do love the background). I notice that this is a slideshow and since customers don't really proactively click to check the whole slideshow thus making it automatically move (to the next slide) is a better choice. In that way, customers will see all of your slideshow without having to click through it, therefore enhances their experience.


On the other hand, the box content should be more engaging. I think this is a dummy content cause it does not relate much to the product you are selling. Other than that, please keep in mind that the button should always be clickable and lead your visitors to a sales landing page/product display page that needs traffic.




- You make the last section of your homepage now to be the "email subscribing section". However, it's already in your footer so I believe this is not necessary. You might want to change this section with other sections that focus on selling and displaying products.


For example: Featured collection, product list (listing about 6 best products), testimonial, about us, unique selling points of your brand, payment/shipping method, ...


Including all these sections would guide your potential customers to a whole story: from displaying products they want to buy, explaining why it's safe to buy from you, reassuring how to actually buy, ... All of these for sure will enhance customer experience, in turn increase the chance of selling.


2. Support


So a very important in creating great user/customer experience is designing a spot where customers can easily feedback their experience and other queries.


If you haven't had a support team dedicated to online chat then a ticketing system is a perfect solution.  MooseDesk is a FREE customer service app/ticketing system that could help you set up a ticketing system. All customer queries would be centralized in one system and you can save so much time answering them. We are offering the app for free so feel free to check it out 😉


3. Product Listing Page




I don't know if you are cut out the model head on purpose or this is accidentally created due to the big header but anyway it looks quite strange since the picture does not do a good job in showing the full product.


If you want to have a picture represented for the whole collection (like a 'cover') I think you should make it wider (like a Facebook Cover) then add a Swimsuits heading on top of the picture. That's on having a bespoke picture.




- The Product Title font is quite difficult to read, I would recommend a clearer font.

- I also would like to recommend you to add secondary additional picture for the product image so customers would have a different view on that product.


4. Product Page




- From what I can see now your product page is divided into two main sections - the left one for product image while the right one is product description. However the product image section is stuck, and I have to scroll all over the product description to have a full view of the 2 additional pictures under the main one.



- If this layout is buggy, I think a simple layout with main/featured product picture on top, 3-5 pictures under it is enough.


- With the Product Description, I think you might want to add a new section under the main product section with advertising-like content. The idea of this comment is keeping the product detail in the first section of the page 'product-focused', then adding a new section under it and bringing all the value, advertising-content, cross sell, upsell into it. 


It will make the Product Page super easy to follow, look at, therefore enhance customer experience. 🙂



So those are some of my suggestions for your store as an UX enthusiast.


If this is helpful for you, please let me know by giving me a 'LIKE'. If your question is answered please mark this as 'SOLUTION’. This would mean so much to me.


Thank you and hope you get a lovely day ahead 😉

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