How can I improve my online store's theme and images?

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Hello all, 


I am looking for any and all feedback on my store please. 
I have recently changed themes and am working on updating the pictures.


Any feedback would be gratefully received.



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Hey @gemmawhite.
Thanks for reaching out.
I appreciate that you have included your online store URL for us to explore! Looking into your store, I noticed that you do not have a favicon added to your homepage. A favicon is a small image that displays on the browser tab and represents the business/company that owns the online store. Typically, this can be the logo or the first letter of the business name - I am sure if you take a look towards your browser tabs now, you'll see several favicons! You learn how to add a favicon to your online store to have a polished look to your website by following this guide here
You have beautiful products in your store, by the way! What do you think about adding a slideshow section to the online store homepage? This can make the homepage more engaging and interactive for your visitors. This can also allow you to showcase more of your products to strengthen your brand. For example, you could include your best seller or favorite product in the slides. 
Let me know what you think and if you have any questions. 

Ollie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Ollie, thank you for replying.

The header is the company logo I’m not sure what you mean by favicon, so I’ll look at the links you have included.

at the bottom of the homepage is a section  of  items that can be moved along.

I couldn’t work out how to include a slideshow, I did try. If you have a link for that I would be grateful.




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Hi @gemmawhite ,


This is Kate from PageFly - Shopify Landing Page Builder App. 

Congratulations on your new store! It looks amazing and it's clear you've worked hard on it. I'd love to share some suggestions as hereby:



1. Add Hero banner for the homepage

It would be great to include a hero banner introducing your store and the products you offer in the first section. Providing this information helps potential customers gain a better understanding of your business. By showcasing the unique qualities of your store and highlighting the key features of your products, you can effectively engage and attract customers.

You can check this image for reference:



2. Provide more professional image:

  • For User Experience: It enhances the overall user experience. A clean and professional design is easier to navigate and more visually appealing.
  • For Conversion Rates: Studies have shown that websites with professional designs tend to have higher conversion rates. Visitors are more likely to engage or make a purchase.



3. Highlighting product title and price: 

To optimize clarity, consider increasing the visibility of product prices and titles. Utilize larger font sizes, bold text styles, and eye-catching colors. Ensure proper alignment of product prices for a seamless user experience.


4. Add testimonials section

Demonstrates Customer Satisfaction: Positive testimonials showcase that your customers are satisfied with what you offer. This reassures potential customers and helps convert leads into actual sales.

You can check this image for reference:




1. Add 3-5 Images of Products from Multiple Angles

  • Enhanced Product Understanding: Providing multiple angles gives customers a comprehensive view of the product. This helps them understand its features, dimensions, and how it looks from different perspectives.
  • Provide product images with models:  It provides customers with a visual representation of how the product looks when worn or used in real-life situations.
  • You can check this image for reference:



2. Prepare for holiday campaign

As the holidays approach, your products are a perfect fit. Apply these tips to maximize the season's potential, especially during events like Black Friday Cyber Monday and Halloween:

  • Utilize countdown timers for limited-time offers or flash sales, instilling a sense of urgency and boosting conversions.
  • Provide a holiday gift-wrapping option at checkout, ensuring convenience for customers purchasing gifts for loved ones.
  • Enhance the shopping experience with personalized recommendations, using customer browsing and purchase history to suggest relevant products.

These are some suggestions for improving the design. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Best regards,

Kate | PageFly Team

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Hi Gemmawhite, 

Your store is looking great! I would suggest making the images of your banner slider clickable, that way the visitor can directly take a look at the product page. 

Also, think about standardizing the font size of your product page, as well as making the product names shorter. 

Lastly, think about adding reviews from past clients to your site. I helps to bring confidence to the prospective buyer. 

Hope my advise helps!

Shopify Partner
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Great online shop! 👏 The overall outlook is impressive, but here are a couple of suggestions for further improvement. Adding an eye-catching banner to the front page could really enhance the visual appeal and help showcase any ongoing promotions or special events. 

For the 'About Us' page, consider sharing more about your team and the history of your company.  Customers often love to connect with the people behind the brand. It adds a personal touch and builds trust.

Additionally, it would be a good idea to add a cookie bar to the site to enhance transparency and compliance with data privacy regulations. 

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, it might be a fantastic idea to create a promo campaign.  You can feature special deals or discounts for the occasion, and don't forget to promote it on social media and through newsletters. This can be a great way to boost sales and engage with your audience during the holiday season. Happy selling

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