How can I improve my online store? Seeking constructive feedback

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Mainly I do want some constructive feedback on my Shopify store, and if you have some suggestions that I can change for my store.


Jay Japan 

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Shopify Partner
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Hi Jay Japan,

Congratulations on the launch of your new store! It has a professional and appealing look. I have a few suggestions to enhance the user experience:

1. Adjust the Subscribe Bar Timing:

The subscription bar is currently popping up right away, potentially hindering customers from exploring your site freely. Consider delaying its appearance to allow visitors to first delve into your products and information before introducing the subscription prompt.


2. Improve Language and Currency Switcher Visibility:

I would suggest placing the language switcher in a more prominent location. Visitors are more likely to leave your site if they don't understand the language, especially if they have to scroll down to the end of the page to find the switcher.

Additionally, double-check the translation functionality, there might be an issue with your switcher as the language doesn't seem to change when I switch to another language.

Apps like Transcy on the Shopify App Store can provide seamless auto-translation functionality.


3. Showcase Actual Customer Reviews:

Capture your customers' attention right from the start with a photo reviews carousel on the homepage or a reviews pop-up. Utilizing our Ali Reviews app (link in the signature) can help you collect and display visually appealing reviews that add credibility and attract potential buyers.



Wishing you the best for your ecommerce venture, and may your store thrive with successful sales during the upcoming shopping season.


Best regards,

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Hey @jay-japan.
Thanks for reaching out. 
I appreciate that you have provided your online store URL for us to explore! Looking into your store, I noticed that you have a slideshow section on the homepage - that is a great way to introduce your business and products to your visitors! What do you think about including more slides to the slideshow of the available products on the store? This can strengthen your brand by allowing you to showcase more of your products. For example, you could include a best seller or favorite product in the slides. 
You have a beautiful store, by the way! You could potentially include a discount code to the announcement bar on the homepage to create a buyer incentive. Additionally, you could allow your customers to follow up with a product review that can help encourage a purchase. This is a great way to allow your customers to share their experiences with others.
Let me know if you have any questions. 

Ollie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hello @jay-japan,

I'm Kate from the PageFly page builder app. 

Your online store has indeed captured an impressive aesthetic with its visually striking images. It's clear that you have a strong understanding of visual appeal and its impact on customer engagement.

However, I'd like to offer a few insights on how you could further harness your store's potential and optimize the user experience:


1. Product Badging

In the new arrival section, you can add badges to 1-2 products showing that they are in sale or new arrival. This simple addition can significantly enhance the visibility of specific products and effectively drive customer attention towards them. For example: 


2. Text Legibility

I noticed the text in your collections might be a little tricky to read. Maybe we could adjust this by increasing the opacity to keep everything looking neat and user-friendly.


3. Customer testimonials and reviews

Consider showcasing real experiences and feedback from your customer base, you will not only foster a sense of community but also build a strong foundation of trust and credibility. For example, you can use testimonials with ratings like this: 


4. Enhancing Mobile User Experience

At the moment, our interface seems a little busy, especially in the bottom right of the screen. You should improve that.


I'm really excited to share some ideas that could help make your store even better!


Best wishes,

Kate - PageFly team

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Hi Jay-Japan, 

This is Amee from Gojiberry - Shopify Survey & Feedback App

I love the look of your store! Our Gojiberry team is located in Japan and we share your love for anime and Japan!

I took a look at your store and have a few suggestions that will help increase conversion rate: 

1. Testimonials. Showcasing a few testimonials on your home page -- whether from online customers or family/friends, helps promote more consumer trust and confidence. 
2. Detail pictures. Your pictures are super nice and clean, and looks professional! I thought it would be cherry on top to have someone model the attires too and add more details to the look. 
3. Call to action button. Add an add-to-cart button or any call-to-action button underneath each product. 
4. Collab. Since you have a good niche genre, collaborations with other cosplayers, influencers, or otaku media will get you the right audiences quickly. 
5. Ask your customers! (Most effective for increasing conversion) Ask where your converting customers are coming from. You can easily do so with a post-purchase survey app, and reward your customers with coupons/points to keep them coming back again. Once you find out your strongest marketing channel, focus more effort and money on that. 


Hope this helps! 

Amee | Gojiberry Team 

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