How can I improve my organic Google rankings?

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Hi brains trust. I am looking for feedback on how I can improve my organic Google rankings to at least first page (generally I am at the top of the second page of results for most keywords). The site is 


Any tips and tricks would be appreciated!





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Hello, did you get your website google certified?


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Hello @craig191 ,


I see that you are designing your website with a focus on SEO by adding text content. However that approach will reduce your organic Google rankings in the long run. Focus on placing keywords strategically throught the page instead of bloating with long texts.

You only have a handful of seconds to grab user's attention on their first visit. This goes through a visually appealing banner, catchy and informative text, a call to action button. You welcome your guests with a huge header, bunch of text that's not going to be read by majority and a low quality image. When users bounce off your website it'll lower the page score. Google favors websites that keeps users engaged.


In short, avoid long texts that will lose visitor's attention and provide information backed with visuals. You can take Apple's website as an example.


This is too long just for a subscribtion call. "Subscribe to Modbands for 10% discount off your first order! "  is going to be enough. Majority won't read what's written and lose attention. You can provide a "details" button with an accordion for users that would like to know more.


Again, too long for about us on the footer. Keep it concise and provide a link for visitors who would like to learn more.

Unless it is a dedication information page like about us, blog etc. always keep your information short and catchy, backed with visuals. Then provide a link to the dedicated page for who would like to read more. Google loves links, especially when a user navigates to those links. Your focus should be CTA buttons and links to keep navigating users throughout your website and guide them to buy your products. When a user visits your page and clicks to one of the links, it increases the page score. Because Google wants to rank websites that gives users what they want to find.

I understand that you are passionate on providing more content but an average user doesn't like to read. Just let them know that there is a content to be read. Even for those who doesn't read, it actually increases the credibility. For example you can place your blogs with visuals and linking to full blog in home page if you like to provide content. Example:


Last but not least, at the bottom of your page place a collection or product section. When a user scrolls to very bottom, it probably means they couldn't find what they are looking for. So provide them some options as a last call to make sure they don't miss out your products.

I'm not sure how your website is doing regarding technical SEO as it requires in depth analysis. But my suggestions above are as important and will boost your page rankings if done properly.

I hope these help and good luck! Feel free to reach out if you need any further assistance.
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Wow, this is fantastic feedback! Thank you so much. I will absolutely be
implementing these changes and will monitor the results closely.