How can I improve my store design? Need feedback

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Please provide feedback on my store design. Thanks.


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Url doesn’t work.

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Hi @c3babe , 

This is Ricardo from InventoryHero app, I've been checking out your site and it is really good, congrats for that!! 

Since you asked for some feedback let me drop here some:  

  • You should review the Search feature because it looks way too short on desktop version and it can goes unnoticed unnoticed.png
  • On mobile version when the user goes to search you should make the background darker so the user can focus only on search feature search .png
  • You need to make this banner clickable since you're mentioning here your IG user and also you included something that looks like a CTA button so the user can get confused banner is not clickable.png

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Ricardo | InventoryHero app Specialist
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