How can I improve my website before advertising?

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i want to make sure my website is good before i start to advertise it. if yall could please just look over it and send any tips or stuff i need to change for my website.


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Hello @AlphaEssential1,

Good day! Gina from flareAI app helping Shopify merchants get $7Million+ in sales from Google Search, on autopilot.

Hope you are doing good. Here are few suggestions.

1. Add favicon to your store which is a small square image/logo that appears next to a web address. Favicon helps to strengthen your brand and add a polished look to your website. See shopify help here 
2. You can add testimonials on the home page to make the store look more professional. Testimonials allow your satisfied customers to step forward and address the questions and objections that fill the minds of your prospective buyers for you.
3. Add social media for the store to increase the traffic. Social media icons in the footer of your Shopify store can increase the visibility of your social media profiles, making it easier for customers to find and follow you on different platforms.
4. Make About Us more personal, likable, and believable so that, your prospects are more likely to be comfortable buying from you.
5. Add average ratings for each product
Including both user rating and number of ratings on the products will help users to make decision whether to buy your product or not.
6. Make CTA link as a CTA button like Shop Now, Buy Now in the Home page header banner
The Call To Action(CTA) is a key element on a webpage, acting as a signpost that lets the user know what to do next. Without a clear CTA, the user may not know the next steps to take to purchase a product or sign up for a newsletter and is likely to leave the site without accomplishing their task.
7. Display store's contact info like phone number and office address in the Contact Us page
8. Make your product pages more informative by adding detailed product descriptions that outline the features and benefits of your products. Providing this valuable information can help increase customer engagement and encourage sales.
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9. Crafting an ideal SEO product title and URL can aid search engines in comprehending the nature of your merchandise and boost traffic to your website. Therefore, it's advisable to maintain a unique and specific product title and URL.
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  • You must add legal pages for your store example Shipping, Refund, Privacy policy 
  • Add more description for your items, it is need for SEO
  • Create a branded logo for your store.
  • Recommend you use a domain email instead of Google email 

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Hey @AlphaEssential1.
Thanks for reaching out. 
I appreciate that you have provided us with your online store URL for us to explore! Looking into your store, I noticed that you currently do not have a favicon added to your homepage. A favicon is a small image that displays on the browser tab and represents the website. Typically, the image is the logo of the business or first letter of the company. You can add a favicon to your online store to give a polished look - this can also provide your customers with an extra sense of security knowing that they are making a purchase from a completed store. 
I would suggest using an announcement bar to inform your customers of any ongoing free shipping offers or discounts that may be available. This is a great way to create a buyer incentive as soon as your visitors arrive to your online store. 
Add social media icons to the footer of the store - you can add these by using the Theme Editor and navigating to your theme settings. You should see the section to add your business social media pages to the online store. This can provide your visitors with business legitimacy as they can get in touch with you on those platforms. 
Let me know what you think and if you have any questions.

Ollie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @AlphaEssential1 ,


This is Kate from PageFly - Shopify Landing Page Builder App.:

Congrats on your new store! Your store looks stunning and professional, and I can tell you've put in a lot of effort. I’d love to give you my suggestions as hereby:


1. Add favicon to your store

A favicon for your store can help customers recognize it and will make it stand out. Users can use favicons to easily recognize your site in a sea of open tabs. Also, they facilitate users' ability to locate your store in their browser history. Customers are more likely to recognize your logo the next time they see it the more often they see your favicon.



2. Include direct links in the footer to the "Shipping Info" pages.

Users, in my opinion, need to know about the site's return policy and shipping choices before making a purchase decision. It might go in the footer or in this Shipping Details link. Users' need to learn about the return policy is directly linked to shipping information – how much would they lose on any non-refundable shipping expenses if they have to return a product? In fact, some consumers value shipping information so much that they want to know what shipping alternatives are available to them before they commit to purchasing a product.



3. Consider removing one type of review stars

When it comes to online shopping, customer reviews are crucial. PageFly makes adding testimonials and product reviews to your page easy. However, adding two kinds of product reviews will make your customers confused, and the review with the white star seems not to be reliable.



4. Consider having a customization products for your customers

You might take advantage of a few Shopify third-party apps that permit consumers to contribute files while adding items to their cart so they can take a picture with their webcam, add files from the internet, or transfer files from other places. This will increase your sales and ensure that your customers get the goods they want. 



5. Run a holiday sales promotion.

Running a promotion for holiday sales is a great way to attract more customers looking for special gifts or accessories. Here are some creative promotion ideas to make your holiday promotions a success:

  • Holiday-themed landing pages: Create dedicated landing pages for specific holiday promotions or events. These pages can highlight exclusive deals and provide a cohesive holiday experience for visitors.
  • BFCM Discounts: Offer a special discount exclusively for clients. This could be a flat percentage off or a tiered discount based on the total purchase amount.


  • Free Gift with Purchase: Offer a free, smaller jewelry item with every purchase over a certain amount. This encourages customers to spend more to receive the added value.
  • Social media marketing: Leverage social media platforms to promote your holiday offers and engage with your audience. Run festive-themed campaigns, share user-generated content, and interact with customers to build brand loyalty.

Hope my answer will be helpful.


Kate| PageFly team

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