How can I process an exchange on international orders without refunding in Shopify?

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Is there any solution to processing an exchange when you try to edit an order for a sale made with international currency (without refunding the order)? 

I use Shopify (Australia) and cannot use the workaround for exchanges (cancel fulfillment and edit) for international orders. So I literally can’t exchange orders without refunding. 

In my opinion, the ability to seamlessly exchange an order is a MUST HAVE for an e-commerce platform. I simply cannot understand why there is this limitation? As a product manager myself, I understand prioritization of feature development, but this is something sellers need to be able to do without workarounds that affect reporting. 

if anyone knows how I can get around these limitations without just manually adjusting stock, your help is appreciated. 

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Hi @stephmilk ,


Exciting news – we've found a solution that not only fits the bill but also comes with a free plan! 🎉  You can try the Return Prime app, our main functionality is exchange. We're thrilled about the potential it holds for improving our customer experience.

We totally understand the significance of having a smooth exchange process in e-commerce. It's not just about saving money; it's about nurturing those long-term relationships with our customers, right?