How can I replace the Shopify Pay icon with an Apple Pay icon on my checkout page?

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Hey there! Recently I got an app that records some customer activities to see where the checkout process is being interrupted, and I noticed that instead of there being a convenient apple pay icon on my checkout page there is a Shopify pay icon. When I open up the website on my mobile browser it shows apple pay in that spot, but it looks like for my customers they are being shown Shopify pay, as you can see on this screen shot of the recording. How do I replace that shopify pay icon with an apple pay icon? 99% of my visitors are ios users so an apple pay icon is much more useful then a "Shopify pay". Here is the link to my website, let me know if you guys also see shopify pay when entering from a mobile browser instead of apple pay, and if you are then someone please teach me how to replace it. Thank you! 


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Hi @Argenti,

The kind of dynamic checkout button that your customers see depends on the following factors:

  • your payment settings
  • the customer's browser
  • the customer's device
  • the customer's personal payment history

You can learn more from here



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