How can we improve our new Moerah coffee website?

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Hello everyone,


We recently launched our coffee brand named "Moerah". It's our first time making a website and we want it to make it look good and professional to attract coffee enthusiasts, athletes and working professionals. Could you review it and give us some feedback? also, it'd be great if you would provide us with methods to bring in additional sales in the Coffee field. 

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I've have checked out your website I think it looks great and is a good start. Couple of things that i think you could improve on though, 

One of the first things that caught my attention was the header image. While it sets a welcoming tone, I recommend darkening it slightly to enhance contrast with the text, improving readability and visual appeal.

Additionally, I suggest making the top header links bold. This simple change can help them stand out more, making navigation easier for visitors and contributing to a more cohesive design.

One area where could benefit is the homepage. By adding a featured collection, such as a "Best Sellers" section, customers can easily discover popular products and make purchases directly from the homepage, streamlining the shopping experience and potentially increasing sales.

Overall, offers a great selection of coffee products, but a few strategic improvements could significantly enhance the user experience and drive sales. I look forward to seeing these suggestions implemented and revisiting the site in the future.


Send me a message if you want me to review things further 🙂
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Hi @Launchpadweb! Kate here from the PageFly Shopify Landing Page Builder App. 

I love the color scheme of your store; it perfectly complements the coffee shop vibe.

Leveraging my expertise in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), I propose a number of strategies to boost your conversion rates and attract more customers. Important areas to focus on include:


1. The hero banner

An optimal layout for the hero banner should include an image, heading, paragraph, and button. 

  • The call-to-action (CTA) should be prominently placed and feature clear, compelling content. Its copy should focus on encouraging users to try the product rather than simply shopping for it. Eg: Discover the collections


2. Announcement bar

Currently, the announcement bar is difficult to focus on, but you can make it stand out more by changing the color of the text or the background.


3. Transform the social media section into a shoppable section

A growing number of customers are choosing to buy through social media rather than traditional online shopping sites. Since you have already made posts on your social media, you can showcase them on your homepage. 

A shoppable image gallery serves three purposes:

  • Provides an interactive destination for viewers to engage with.
  • Enhances the appeal of the product by showcasing styling options.
  • Simplifies the shopping experience by enabling purchases directly from the images.

You can check this sample design for preference:



1. Add payment method on product page

I realized that you offer various payment methods on the footer section. You can also add them on the product details. This addition would streamline the checkout process, allowing customers to see available payment options upfront and make their purchasing decision more conveniently.

Like this sample layout:


2. Trust badges section

The icon and text in this section are quite hard to see on the page. Consider changing the colors of the icon or text to make them more prominent.


Like this:



Mother's Day is just around the corner, and with many companies already preparing, your products are well-suited for this festive period. I recommend adopting these strategies to maximize your holiday success.

  • Mother's Day Exclusive Deals: Highlight special promotions and discounts specifically for Mother's Day to draw in customers looking for meaningful gifts.
  • Personalization Features: Offer options for customizing gifts with personalized messages, engraved names, or chosen colors to make each gift unique for every mother.
  • Use countdown timers and limited-time deals to foster a sense of urgency, motivating customers to purchase before Mother's Day.



Those are all the strategies I suggest for increasing your conversion rate; hopefully, they prove to be helpful to you.

Have a nice day,

Kate - PageFly Team

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Thanks for reaching out to the community. This is MooseDesk - Customer Support Helpdesk/FAQ App


Congrats on your new store! Your store looks stunning. I can tell you have put a lot of effort into building this. However, I have some comments to make the good get even better. Here are some of my recommendations for better customer experience, please kindly check.


1. Homepage

1.1 Sticky menu navigation

- Make your menu navigation sticky so that customers can easily browse through your store rather than scrolling all the way up


- If you make it sticky, your current menu might be a bit too large. Shrinking the logo or placing it on the left-hand side could solve this.


Here's a good example for you: 



1.2 Hero banner



Your images are impressive and give off a professional vibe. However, allowing each picture to occupy the full width of the hero banner could be even better:

  • It would provide a wider view to impress visitors.
  • It wouldn't cut off the heading or subheading.
  • Additionally, adding a call-to-action (CTA) button in your hero section could direct visitors to a specific page.

Below is a good example for you:



1.3 Homepage layout

Consider rearranging your sections so that the "Product Introduction" section comes before the "Subscription" section. This helps customers learn about your product first, increasing the likelihood of conversion.


Also, displaying the slideshow content in multiple sections with bespoke pictures could engage customers more effectively than requiring them to click through a slideshow.




1.4 Product listing section


- From a visitor point of view (and also a coffee lover) those images appear repetitive and barely can convince me to buy any cause I'm confused what are the differences among those variants



Below is a good example of listing different types of products that motivates me click on something I'd find interesting.




Though this involves packaging, we can quick-fix it by display a secondary hover image that shows the final cup (ofc looks different from each one) and 1-2 description under the products like below: 


Screenshot 2024-04-08 103148.png


2. Support widget


To enhance professionalism and optimize user experience (UX), consider implementing a better-looking support widget where customers can easily ask questions or provide feedback. You can also include important links to direct customers where you want. 




If you want to find a FREE option for that, MooseDesk is a good choice. It's a customer service app/ticketing system that could help you do all the things I have suggested above. 


It can also help you build up FAQ, Help center, contact us page like this. You can just choose a template you like, no difficult design techniques needed





If you want to give MooseDesk a try, feel free to do it and hit our 24/7 support so we can help you enhance UX experience.



Since our app is now available for free, all current users will be considered as early-bird users and get to enjoy all our current features for free forever!




As an expert/enthusiast in UX, I recommend implementing these changes to improve customer experience when scrolling through your store.


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