How can we improve the reserving items feature in draft orders?

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I finally found a way to hold items for customers that pull inventory from online while being able to make changes to their order during checkout, and that is by creating draft orders and reserving items, a feature which is only accessible on the desktop. I do want to point out my approval of the ability for the POS to create draft orders, but I think reserving items feature should be added to the Shopify Mobile App and even the Shopify Mobile POS App. One confusing thing I noticed when using the reserving items with draft orders, is that once you go to the draft order in the POS system and go to edit and check out that draft order, it will mark the item as sold out. In one sense this is exactly what I wanted, but I find it confusing for employees if they are ringing up the exact draft order that is reserved and it says sold out. I think it should show as sold out everywhere except when checking out that specific draft order that the products are reserved for on the POS. If this is a possible change, I think it would be very helpful. Thank you for providing a service that allows for reserving items, and checking out those items on the POS App.

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