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How do I get an unused postage refund from Shopify?

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How do I get an unused postage refund from Shopify?

I have tried to reach out to Shopify but am having no luck: is the community the best way for support here? I have a postage amount for shipping an item that I charged a customer for, but it was not weighed for the correct amount when I printed the postage--it was off by a few ounces and our post office refused to use it and so I had to pay for it instead (out of pocket). So the postage that I paid for within Shopify was not used but Shopify still charged me for it. I didn't want to necessarily refund the postage spent on the order to the customer, because I still spent the money and didn't want to charge the customer more because the weight was incorrect on my end. 😞 

Shopify: there has to be a better experience here for Customer Support. I was taken through at least five different pages of Help documents prior to even reaching this board.

Is this really the only Customer Service solution available to customers who own shops on your platform at this time? There is no direct ticketing platform?

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We have a similar issue where the weight going out was incorrect and we over paid for shipping. Has anyone. I call USPS and they kicked me back to shopify. You have a refund option of course but that is just for giving a refund to the customer.