How do I Get More Views / "Dating, Relationship & Communication"

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Ok, so I have had a shopify site for close to 2 years now.

And I get very little traffic. Averaging between 20 views to 60 views maximum.

I do a ton of social media from 300+ youtube video's, 200+ blogs, 2 twitter accounts,

using Canva and posting images on Instagram and twitter, etc... also posting my blogs 

and vidoe's on google plus, twitter, facebook biz page, and a few other places. I also do quick video's for 

instagram. People seem to respond well to those instagram vids. but very little traffic. 

Kit / Facebook reject my ads visciously... hahaha... I was told by a shopify guru and also a few KIT specialist that facebook rejects dating / relationship ads a lot. And that I will constantly get rejections for that type of industry... another expert said it's because they want physical products to be sold for some reason and coaching and events are not physical products.... 

I would love to find at least 1 good way to bring traffic to my site... 

Thank you


P.s. my current website seems to finally be pulling/making a few sales a week

and getting a customer here and there... 


Hey Mike,
You can give a try to SEO to get organic traffic.
That can be helpful for you.
To know more read this blog

Thank you,

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Now a days, members who respond on topics are mostly peoepe who are looking to promote and sell their apps. It's so sad. ? 

Hmm not sure if that will fix your problem.