How do you get more contact information for a seller using Shhopify

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Hello All; 


I made a purchase at store:  on the 3 December 2023.   My order failed delivery on 5 Jan 2024, so I tired to contact the seller on the contact email address on their site (  to see how to arrange re-delivery as the tracking site was not helpful.   All my emails went (and remain) answered.  I finally called the freight company in China and got it sorted. 


I have since now got my order and there is a problem with it.  I have again emailed the contact multiple times and not one is answering. 


The product has the manufacturer details Phomemo, so I googled them and they said they have lots of resellers and could not isolate which one it was (unusual).  


So I'm hoping that the community or Shopify can help me identify the a alternative contact for this seller or help me resolve this matter. 


The address published on the site is: Physical address: 12 West Court, Coolaroo VIC 3048, Australia


When I search this address in Google, I get the business "Caring Hands Support Services Pty Ltd" I will also reach out to them, maybe this seller is doggy. 


Help anyone?





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