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How long does it take to make your first sale?

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I started my website for a month now and i still haven't made any sells. i regularly advertised and still haven't made a sell.


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@TopicZero ,

Refer these URLs, It has useful tips.


Thank you!

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Hello @TopicZero,

I'm Gina - Product Manager at flareAI. flareAI has helped Shopify stores generate $5 million in sales from Google Search, on autopilot.

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Check the below listed points which can cause low reach to your ad campaigns.

1. Low ad optimization score
Optimization score is an estimate of how well your Google Ads account is set to perform. Optimization score runs from 0% to 100%, with 100% meaning that your account can perform at its full potential. Optimize the ad by saving time and money with automated bidding, be sure to include your core products as keywords, use negative keywords which let you filter out clicks that are less valuable to you, use the right match types: Using broad match (or broad match modifier) allows you to capture a wide range of search queries, while using exact match or phrase match gives you more precise targeting.
2. Audience is too small
Google Search Network must have a minimum of 1,000 active visitors
3. Not using a landing page that drives sales
Your ad should bring people directly to a page where they can buy the specific product you're advertising.
4. Overlapping audiences can lead to poor delivery of your ad sets
Audience overlap is marketing to the same audience with different ad sets. The larger the overlap, the worse your campaigns will perform. Don't waste your time and money paying for multiple ad sets that fight for the same audience's attention.
5. Low ad relevance score
Google considers a low CTR to be <1.5%. Ensure that you have at least 3 extended text ads in every ad group. You can increase the ad relevance score by creating specific ad groups, selecting keywords carefully, including keywords in your ad text, keeping ads simple yet compelling, sending traffic to a relevant post-click landing page
6. Your Click-Through Rate is Too Low
One of the most common causes for ads to fail to spend their full budget is a low CTR. With Google Ads, you're generally going to be focusing on pay-per-action ads, rather than pay-per-impression ads. This means you're only charged when someone actually clicks on your ad.

For getting more sales you have to make sure your products are in FREE sales channels like Google. To get Found on Google, you have to consider submitting the store sitemap or a submit to index request on a regular basis. It can take time for Google to index your pages.

After submitting the sitemap, Google will take approximately 3–4 weeks for websites with less than 500 pages. 2–3 months for websites with 500 to 25,000 pages. 4–12 months for websites with more than 25,000 pages.

Your customers trust Google Search more than Ads. 53% of eCommerce traffic is Search, far greater than Paid Ads & Social Media. We created flareAI to deliver feeds to organic channels on a regular basis without taking your time. flareAI will help to scale your site sustainably at NO added Staffing expenses, NO Pay-per-click, NO paid marketplaces. With flareAI, your site can access the world's dominant Free eCommerce services in one Shopify App.

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Hi @TopicZero ,
This is QuickCEP, an automated and refined marketing software that can help you boost sales.
If you want to sell products, making a good website is only your most basic step, and you need to do more work.
At the beginning, you should try to understand the relationship between products, traffic and customers. The website is your platform. After you have a platform, you need to attract traffic according to your products, make other customers pay attention to your website products. You also need to use marketing strategies to form conversion.
After your website is built, there will be traffic coming in only if you adopt some marketing methods to attract traffic, such as Content marketing, SEO, and Advertising.
Content Marketing
Content marketing is time-consuming, but it is a way with long-lasting effects. You can create content that include product information, it might also be attractive. And add links of your website in the content. and post these contents in the vertical community of the industry. If customers are interested in your product, they will follow your link to your website. If the introduction page of your website is attractive, there is a possibility that the customers will purchase your products and form conversion.
If you want to do SEO, you need to improve your website and build a Blog for the website. It’s recommended that you post articles related to your product rhythmically and frequently so that your product articles can be collected by Google and get more traffic.
You also need to publish some external links to increase the weight of your website and improve the ranking of keywords in Google, so as to attract more search engine traffic and help you increase the sales of your store.
It’s recommended placing advertisements on Google, TikTok and other platforms to get more traffic, but the acquisition of these advertisements requires more funds, which depends on your personal advertising budget.
With these channels to obtain traffic, your store can form conversions. If you can get 1,000 visitors quickly, you might boost your sales in a short period of time.
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Best Regards,
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