How to handle Tinhub's false vacuum cleaner advertising on Shopify?

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Vaccum cleaner. Shopify supported and hosted shop selling a mini vaccum cleaner Tinhub advertised for a vaccum cleaner. I believed and bought one for 1499 COD. They sent a completely different product that costs about 300 INR. I sent 37 emails to them not a single one was delivered because their email was not working. I know Shopify will say they are not responsible because someone else used their platform and cheated me, but they ARE indirectly responsible because they provided the platform to the cheats. Now there is another company selling the same product with the same video and pictures and price but a different name and no doubt they are cheating as well but I'm not going to order this time because they will be the same company but a different name. Shopify you are equally responsible. 

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