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How to improve conversion rate for an online coffee store?

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 I am reaching out for some help with a problem we have been experiencing with our online store, We are beginning to see a decrease in the number of sessions converted. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Landgrove, 

This is Amee from Gojiberry - Shopify Survey & Feedback App. 

I took a look at your site and I love the way it looks 🙂 Here are some suggestions that might help out with increasing your conversion rate: 

1. When I first loaded your site, the logo and banner loaded a bit weirdly, but it fixed itself later. Maybe check if the images you use are too heavy. 
2. I liked the 2nd and 3rd banners you have on, the first banner doesn't give me the impression that you are selling coffee beans, it took me a few seconds to realize. 
3. Under each product you have displayed, it would be good to add "add to cart" buttons or any other action buttons 
4. Your "learn more" section can be structured into a blog. Writing relevant stories, or even different ways to enjoy coffee can help with SEO and bring more quality traffic to your site. 
5. Get feedback from real customers! I would suggest putting on a post-purchase marketing attribution survey. You can then find out which channel your customers are coming from, and then put more money & effort into those marketing channels. You can also do some product research there by finding out what roast your customers prefer, which taste profile, etc. You can easily setup a survey by installing a survey app from the Shopify app store. 


Hope this helps! 

Amee | Gojiberry Team 

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Overall a nice design, put a few improvements could be made:


1. Hero section. Lose the carousel, I suggest using the image from carousel 3, and combining the hero message from carousel 1 & 2. Make your call to action button stand out in a contrasting colour.

2. Add a shipping policy with link in footer.

3. Product page: Change CTA button to contarsting colour. Write a product description and list benefits with checkmarks (so customers immediately recognize the advantages of your products). Add trust seals like "money-back guarantee, free returns, SSL security, secure checkout etc."

4. Mobile speed is slow (see below from pagespeed insights). Up to 60% of sales worldwide are now by mobile so fix this!



Hope that helps!


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Hi @landgrove 

I am Garcia from PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder App. I really like the simple and elegant design of the page. It's easy to navigate and I can quickly find the information I'm looking for. From my CRO expertise, I have some feedback for your Store and hope that they can help you increase the design.

Add hover image for product images

When users hover over a product image, it provides a visual interaction that can capture their attention and make the shopping experience more dynamic.


Hovering over a product image could trigger a pop-up with flavor notes or descriptions, helping customers understand the taste profile of each coffee.


Consider to remove images' white background
Removing the background can make product images look more polished and professional. It creates a clean, uncluttered look that can be visually appealing to customers.



Highlight core product and brand features 

The homepage is often the first page visitors see. By showcasing core product and brand features, you quickly communicate what sets your products apart and what your brand stands for. It can be information about your materials (eco-friendly, sustainable,...), how you pack your order or any unique features about your products. 



Promote your store on social media

Social media is a great way to reach potential customers and promote your coffees. I saw that you have an Instagram account so let's make use of it. Add Instagram Feed to your homepage

You can create shoppable Instagram feeds to showcase your products and boost sales.

Besides that, Adding a shoppable Instagram Shopify is also one of the most effective ways to increase the conversion rate. It allows your customers to shop right in your Instagram feed and get more sales.



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  • Utilize countdown timers to instill a sense of urgency for time-sensitive offers or flash sales, effectively encouraging conversions.
  • Provide customers with the option of gift wrapping during the checkout process, making it hassle-free for those purchasing presents for loved ones.
  • Develop a campaign For example: "Fireside Brews: Crafting Holiday Memories with Exceptional Coffees" and curate gift guides tailored to various recipient categories (e.g., presents for him, gifts for her). Promote these curated guides across your website, social media platforms, and through targeted email campaigns.


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Hey @landgrove.
Thanks for reaching out. 
I appreciate that you have provided us with your online store URL to explore! Looking into your store, I noticed that you are using the announcement bar to inform your customers of a fundraising option that is available - that's great! What do you think about including this as a section on the homepage? You could potentially add it as a section using the Theme Editor and include a free shipping offer or discount code to create a buyer incentive. This can certainly encourage your visitors to browse through the available collections/products. 
You have a beautiful store, by the way! Additionally, you could add more social media business pages to the footer of the your store. This can help provide your customers with a sense of security about their purchase knowing that they can reach out to the business across multiple platforms. This is great for brand consistency! I took a screenshot of the section I am referring to: 
You can add social media icons to the footer by navigating to the Theme Settings. We have a guide that goes into making these changes step-by-step here
Let me know if you have any questions. 

Ollie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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