How to resolve POS exchange email issues?

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We are having an issue that when doing an in-person exchange where the customer returns and item and we sell them a new one (an exchange) the email notification is showing the exchange value as cash. See the image below from a test exchange. The $12.72 you see is the value of the returned item - not cash the customer gave. 

This problem will really hurt our credibility with our customers when they receive an email that does not properly reflect the transaction that happened.

We noted that when you tell the POS to send the receipt before hitting done in the transaction, the email receipt is the proper exchange receipt, but if we click done and then send the email to the customer, it is sending the regular order receipt with the exchange cash like in the image attached. 

I hope this is an easy fix, but it is a fix we really need to use shopify POS in our store



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Hello @DaphneOlive,

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Here are some steps you can take.

-> Make sure that the email templates for order notifications and exchange notifications are properly configured in your Shopify admin dashboard. Go to Settings > Notifications and ensure that the templates are correctly set up for both order and exchange notifications.

-> Double-check your transaction workflow to ensure that you're correctly processing exchanges. It's possible that there's a step in the process that's causing the system to interpret the transaction as a cash exchange rather than a product exchange. Make sure you're selecting the appropriate options within the POS system for handling exchanges.

-> Sometimes, issues like these can be resolved by updating your Shopify POS app to the latest version. Check if there are any updates available in your app store and install them.

-> Try running test transactions involving exchanges and monitor how the email notifications are generated. This can help you identify whether the issue is consistent or if it's specific to certain scenarios.

-> Since you mentioned that sending the email receipt before finalizing the transaction generates the correct receipt, you could consider using this workaround temporarily while you work on a more permanent solution with Shopify support.

-> If the issue persists, it's a good idea to reach out to Shopify's customer support.

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Thanks. I have talked to customer support twice and both of the support people had the same problem when they did tests for themselves. This is definitely a shopify problem, not a workflow problem. If you send the email before clicking 'Done' you get the correct format (exchange email) and if you click DOne and then send the email, you get the wrong email (the regular order email)

In a busy store, my salespeople should not have to worry about which order of clicks they do, especially when in some cases, the button pressing would be done by customers. An exchange should always generate an exchange email-