How to set sections of product page different each other according to product?

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Hello everyone.

I have a online shopfiy store.

I am going to set section(including image, content and so on) of product page different each other according to product?

To do this, I purchased theme which can add section on product page and other page(+ add section feature).

This is theme I purchased.

But if I add new section and change content(image and text) in any product page, other products page is changed.

What is this solution?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @BearG 


I have checked and found that may be you have insert content manually in the customize. You need to add the description content in the respected product in the shopify admin side. Please follow below steps for the product description

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products.

  2. From the Products page, click Add product.

  3. Enter a title for your product, along with additional details.

  4. Click Save.



For the additional details you need to create the metafields for each products. Please follow the below step for how to add metafields for products in shopify.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Metafields.

  2. Select the part of your store that you want to add a metafield to. For example, Products.

  3. Click Add definition.

  4. In the Name field, enter a name for your definition, and then select the name that you entered from the list.

  5. Optional: In the Namespace and key field, edit the default identifier for your metafield.

  6. Optional: In the Description field, enter a description for your metafield values.

  7. Optional: To allow custom storefronts to display values for this metafield, select Give access to Storefront API requests.

  8. Click Select content type, and then select the content type that best matches your metafield from the list.

  9. Optional: To allow a list of values in your metafield, select Accept list of values.

  10. Configure the content type and validation information:

    • If the content type has additional configuration options, then select the correct option for your metafield. For example, type of measurement.

    • Optional: In the Validation section, configure the Additional rules to limit the range of accepted values.

    • Optional: To change the content type or validation rules for your custom definition, click Change, and then select another content type from the list.

  11. Optional: Click Definition pinned to unpin the definition from the resource detail page.

  12. Click Save.

Let me know how it works.

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