How to upgrade a B2C content publisher site for maximum impact?

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Hi, our site has been up for over a year, migrated from a custom site which has been operating for decades.   The Shopify site is doing well, but can always do better.  We are a B2C content publisher in the K-12 education space servicing home and classroom teachers, schools and school boards.  We have a sizable upgrade budget for Q3 and want to know what improvements would have the greatest impact.  Looking to here your suggestions.





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One great upgrade to any site is creating a custom registration form! It looks like you are currently using Shopify's standard registration which only collects names and emails when they register. By using Helium Customer Fields, you could collect additional zero-party data such as type of account (homeschool, student, administrator, etc.), grade level/age/birthday, gender, location, etc.

Obtaining all of this extra data is a great way to customize your users' experience, as well as upgrade your brand's marketing efforts!

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions our team can help you out with 😊

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