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Several types of HTTP errors exist, and they're numerically grouped. All of the codes in the 400 level involve user errors. These aren't problems that technically originate with the website or your server. Instead, they involve some kind of request from the user that a website's server can't process. Error 431, which officially says "Request header fields too large," means the server has dropped the request. The header sent by the user is either too long or too large, and the server denies it.

Web developers can request all kinds of data from users. You might ask for information about these things:

  • Preferred languages

  • Credentials

  • Hosts

  • Referring sites

If you ask for too much information, or the data you get back is somehow chunky or lengthy, your user will hit this error code. The page won't load until the problem is resolved.

Fix Error 431

Try fixing the problem by:

  • Eliminating the referrer URL: If you know you have active links on a site with a very long URL, eliminate this query before allowing access.

  • Clear your cache and cookies: When you use a browser, like Chrome, it saves some information from websites in its cache and cookies. Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites.

  • Examining your cookie settings: If you have authorization code mistakes, you could be setting multiple cookies for your users, and that could cause unwelcome HTTP errors.

  • Accepting more cookies: If cookies are at the crux of your problem, let more in. Cookies do come with security vulnerabilities, so proceed with care. But if eliminating an error code at all costs is your goal, accepting more cookies could be helpful.

I do hope this helps!


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