I get clicks from TikTok Ads that drives to my product site but receives zero sales

I get clicks from TikTok Ads that drives to my product site but receives zero sales

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I'm on my 4th day of my 2nd TikTok Ad campaign. Here's some status so far
- cost $69.31 so far

- 13,438 impressions

- 119 clicks to specific product page

- CTR 0.89%

- Sales 0


In my first week of opening the store it was great, getting close to 10 sales from family and friends, and then nothing =(


I've been concentrating on SEO, trying to get indexable pages count up to a goal of 200. Currently at 82 with blog entries and adding products.


But at this point I would have thought that I would get at least 1 sale from a stranger. What am I not doing? Is it the fact that it's a drop ship business and shipping just takes too long? Is it the price point? I actually feel like it's okay. Maybe it's the shipping cost? Or is it the fact that I currently do not support refund/return?

Thanks for any feedback! My website is https://prototype44.com. My niche, which I wonder if it sounds strange to you, is t-shirts for preschool kids and their parents, specifically parents like myself, who is a father and also a car guy. From what I gathered, preschool kids love cars, rockets, dinosaurs, unicorns, mermaids etc. So that's what most of my products are themed around.

The products this Ad specifically target are 3 car themed shirts for Adults. So the Ad are aimed squarely ad car enthusiasts. My previous campaign was targeted towards moms 25 - 45 of age for preschool t-shirts. But this campaign is for men's car t-shirts, target at men only with interests in cars. It goes to 3 of the specific products within this collection, the classic mustang, the corvette, and the Nissan GTR.

I'd appreciate any feedback for my shop. Thanks so much Shopify community!

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Greetings! @prototype44 
Garcia is here, I am from PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder app. I sincerely want to congratulate you on your first steps for your own startup, and also feel happy to witness your efforts.

I have witnessed a lot of concerns from entrepreneurs with niche products, from the 10-year experienced CRO expert's perspective, I have your Homepage some tips to optimize:

1. Color system of the whole website

Think about the visibility of your branding features. We have extremely eye-catching colors available in your logo (blue and green), it is a great combination for visual satisfaction, Please take advantage of it throughout your homepage. For example:

  • The header promotion banner should be prominently different from the white in the main header
  • Headlines on white background sections should also stand out in the brand's color
  • CTA button should be colored with your brand's color


2. Format Font

  • Try to bold and highlight the copy that you want to convey. In the Hero banner, the image contrast is not strong enough for the quote “Embrace Smiles & Self-Expression with Kids-Approved Apparels!” to be displayed and remind the customer about your brand
  • Consider using a 14px font size for your paragraphs/titles in the header in desktop view, this is difficult to realize, it is too small compared to the average font size a website needs. Take advantage of the average font size of 16px for most titles in header and description in others
  • “Buy 1 Get 1 at 15%”: In reality, promotion can be considered the most powerful conversion driver, try to make it stand out, by taking advantage of Bolding/Italic/high contrast colors


3. Image

Image in the Hero banner is not good enough. 1st reason, it doesn't show what you're selling, I thought you were just selling plain shirts with nothing outstanding. 2nd reason, in the mobile version, this image is really distorted and it doesn't say anything, no product, no emotion. According to your words, I think it will be effective if we use the image of the whole family wearing a product with your product printed on it, instead of a plain shirt.


4. System of CTA button

  • Arrange more CTA buttons in each section


  • The content in the CTA button should be more urgent, possibly including your promotion
  • Make CTA buttons stand out by using a color that contrasts with the background color

5. Make use of holiday season

  • Harness the power of Black Friday to Cyber Monday excitement and captivate shoppers. PageFly offers a template that mirrors the frenzy with expertly tuned conversion optimization, here, take a look


  • Also create testimonial slider 3-5 testimonials with human face and name on them
  • About us section with short of description of your store identity
  • What risk reversal can you provide? E.g. 30 day money back guarantee/ Free Delivery/ etc

Wishing you success on your way!

Garcia | PageFly Team

Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!

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