I Have Designed the Most Perfect Website Ever !

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I challenge anyone to find a problem with it: SheairButters.com


I truly believe I have finally designed the website of my dreams. I can hardly stop looking at it. 

I am using a heavily modified version of the Craft theme, which I simply adore. It is amazingly versatile if you play around with the settings and is constantly being updated with newer and better features. I am truly proud of the final look, which I have been tweaking for quite sometime. I would love to have outside opinions, however, because good can always be better. 👍

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Hi @Shawna_Jeneen 


I like your design. It is clean. Congrats! I just recommend fixing the console errors below



Volunteering to assist you!  Likes and Accept as Solution  is highly appreciated.✌
Coffee fuels my dedication. If helpful, a small Coffee Tip would be greatly appreciated.
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I admit to knowing absolutely nothing about console errors or even what a console is.

How would I go about fixing these errors? 


Thank you for digging deep below the surface to offer advice. 👍

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Hey @Shawna_Jeneen ,

I love your website! It is visible that you have put in a lot of effort, and the design is beautiful.
Here are some recommendations to help you convert more visitors:


1) Hero Section:
Hero Sub-Text: I would recommend simplifying this section. People don't read, they scan. Make this to 1-2 lines. I would also experiment and test with some product pictures.

Social Proof: I would recommend moving this to the top. 

CTA: I would recommend making this bigger.

2) Benefits Section: Your product has a lot of benefits. You should add this section below the homepage.

Other than that, I would recommend moving forward with a data-driven approach. Analyze HotJar + Google Analytics to see where the most user drop off is and go from there.

Great Website!

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