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I'm excited to launch my new store within 48 hours and need your feedback. thanks

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Hi everyone, 


I'm launching my new online store within 48 hours after many months of hard work and planning. I need your feedback. Note am still uploading my products and will continue throughout this season. For the most part I feel so much pressure to go live before black Friday as not to miss out on sales while I continue updating the site. Please leave your feedback and comments. I welcome criticism too and if I need to change anything, let me know cos I want a successful launch. Also please feel free to share and spread the word about my new business. Thank you

Website:  (preview)

Password to view main website: tmbiamno


thanks everyone


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Hi @tuccidilusso,


I’m Richard Nguyen – CRO Expert at PageFly-Free Landing Page Builder. With over 5 years of experience in providing solutions for over 100.000 stores to help merchants increase their conversion rates.



I would like to congratulate you on building the website. You probably make a lot of effort on it. However, I have a few suggestions, and I hope they will help you improve your store.

Basically, your store has many great points:

  • Have a brand story.
  • Had a wide variety of products.
  • Clean design.
  • Have a favicon to your store.


Besides these things, I have some comments and suggestions for you:

1. Add customer’s reviews

People love proof, especially when they visit a store and see many good reviews, they will be willing to shop! So you should add testimonial/product reviews to your store. They can be placed for each product or even a review collection on your home page. Check this guide to know more about its benefit and how to make it effective.



2. Add social media

You can consider adding your store's social such as Instagram, etc with images. This is a good way to connect better with your customers and keep them updated.

I also notice that you put your store's social media on the footer but it is less attractive, therefore I recommend you should add social media account with images, for example, an Instagram feed.


3. Add a secondary hover image on each product photo

By adding secondary hover images on each product photo, customers can see a different photo of each product and this provides more information as a visual aspect for customers and this also helps them to compare different products in a collection.


4. Add images of real people using the products

When seeing a model using the product, customers psychologically trust more when someone has experienced the quality and trusts to use the product. Products, especially jewelry, when used by models, will increase the splendor, attraction as well as its inherent nobility to be more prominent.



A Shopify page builder app will be a powerful tool to help you customize your pages to the fullest. You can consider using PageFly- Advanced Builder App, the FREE plan is available with full functions and features, and our Live Chat Support 24/7 is always here at your disposal.


Above is my recommendation for your store. If you find it helpful please hit LIKE and MARK AS SOLUTION.


Kindest Regards,

Richard - PageFly

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