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I'm not making any sales on my store

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I opened my store at the start of June on go daddy but moved to shopify. On both platforms I just can't seem to get people to buy. I don't think k my site traffic is too bad as shopify says I'm in the top 18% of people who opened the same time as me. Its really getting me down and I am honestly thinking of closing my store. I've tried to use Google ads which gets more people to visit but they just don't convert to customers.

Any feedback no matter how harsh is really appreciated! I feel like I need to hard truths.



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Hello. I understand how frustrating it may be when you don’t get sells right away. I have worked with many clients that have felt this same way at first. Besides google ads, what other marketing strategy have you used? Instagram and Facebook work really well. Just keep posting daily to those platforms. Also I would recommend adding a blog. You can get a lot of free traffic to your website that way. I would love to go over your store with you in more detail. You can message me anytime if you have any questions.
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Hi there, 

I have a Facebook and a Instagram page too. I pay for Instagram promotions and have reached out to influencers. Maybe I'm expecting too much too soon

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Hi Tamara, I went to your store. I can tell you put a lot of work and effort into your website.

I don't see any reason why you are not converting if I am your right audience, I'll definitely buy right away those shoes are too cute for babies.

I feel you no sales really frustrating, I just started my store this July, and no sales yet.

I recommend you giving FB ads a try, you got this. Don't close too soon.

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Thank you that is such encouraging feedback. I really have tried. I'm glad you could tell. Thank you ! 😊

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But there are others you can try and you will get a very good converting 

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Your products are beautiful and I can see you put a lot of care into making them well. I wanted to provide few observations that may be helpful:

The first thing I would improve is photography.

Select a photography style and stick with it so it's consistent. I would suggest for the shop section to use only white background (currently you have gradients, hangers/hooks, floor/table grain etc. That makes it harder to focus just on the product. Also, lighting is very important, if you can't get a professional photographer to shoot make sure you are shooting with natural light (some looked like you were shooting indoors with fluorescent lighting as a source)

The second observation is that on your website when I land on your home page I don't see any lifestyle photography of your clothes on babies. This would be a very valuable investment with a professonal photographer.

Third I am missing a "deeper story" behind your brand. We are emotional creatures and certain products are purchased because they made us feel something.

As for one marketing suggestion, collaborate with other complementary brands that have a large following. If its an influencer that just had a baby, send them a package and ask if she can post an image if she likes the product.

I have a branding agency in NY, and we help clients with these aspects so I hope this free advice will be useful.