I need feedback again for my store

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Hi there I need feedback for my store includes my product and description. Thanks so much.

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Hi @Sakurasky1,

I'm Richard - CRO Expert at PageFly Page Builder. First of all, I love to congratulate on your store and I would like to make some recommendations so that your store could become more attractive and also, the conversion rate will increase accordingly.

1. Home Page

Make your logo more unique: A well-designed logo builds trust and get’s people to stick around. It tells the visitors who you are, what you do, and how that benefits them. It makes a strong first impression for your buyer to remember about your brand. Potential customers are more likely to do business with the store that has its well-designed logo.

Use sticky header: A sticky menu header helps customers to reach out to the navigation menu and access the page they want at any time. Moreover, it is better if you centralize the text on the navigation menu. 



Add more prominent buttons on the image slide:



Add testimonial - customer reviews

You should be using testimonials on your home page to help establish credibility. Testimonials work because they come across in an unbiased voice and establish trust. You can show testimonials as my screenshot by using real people to show the quality of your product! Let's take a look at our PageFly app's template here.



Add “add-to-cart” button under all the products so visitors easily take a product to their cart



Edit the footer: It has the doubled information, you need to remove the below one, and move the social media icon to the above blank space



2. Product page

Always have at least 3-5 Product Images for All products

Users heavily rely on a variety of product images to inspect and evaluate products and decide if the product matches what they are seeking, so it's better if you can provide them with sufficient visual information. Your products are kids shoes, you can add more images that show products from a few unique angles to give users a comprehensive visual understanding of a product


Add product description 

You can use descriptive text and graphics with product images to explain key features or use bullets to describe the products in detail. By the way, customers will have more information for your products to choose the most suitable one. 


Use the "Add to cart" button to boost your sale

It's important to have the "Add to cart" button under each product on the Product Page. Buy button will boost your sales as your customers will be able to reach checkout faster. Add to cart buttons will be on all products! And you can customize these buttons to make them more unique to attract users.


Above are some recommendations for your home page and product page, it’s really important to customize your pages where the customers will glance onto your store. 

A page builder will be a good choice for you to have an attractive and professional website. Instead of sparing time researching the design and layout of your website with special features, you can consider checking PageFly - Free Page Builder to have more time to focus on your marketing strategy. 


If you think my answer was useful, please like and mark it as a solution. Thank you and best of luck!

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