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Hi Guys,

I recently launched the first version of my store, it's very basic at the moment and I still have a lot of stuff I need to add (including policies lol); however, I have made a few sales, mainly through organic/free marketing on social media. I have just launched my google ads campaign a few days ago, I made a sale on the first day and since then I've received nothing. I've had several 100 people click on my ad, visit my store and begin the process of my funnel; however, they all and when I mean all, every single person who visits my website makes it to this stage and then leaves. My funnel is pretty much, visit website > select a product > customise product > Add to cart > Purchase, the stage at which everyone leaves is during the customisation process. I have come up with several reasons as to why they're leaving, but since I cannot actually see what they're doing it's all assumptions at this point. Some I the reasons I thought people aren't buying is because:

- The price (However my price is relatively average compared to competitors)

- Taking too long to load

- Too hard to use

- Not working properly

- Not what they're looking for

- Not ready to buy/comparing options

- Not a buyer, just someone browsing the internet


I would really appreciate some feedback, I've tried contacting customers as they browse the website and use the tool but 99% of them do not reply. You can find my product page at www.getcustomized.com.au/pages/create-a-phone-case to get to the customizer just click on a random case model and it will take you to the tool. I am very open minded and would really love your opinion, feedback and some constructive criticism. 

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Hi @mharr99, it's PageFly - Best Page Builder App here and I'd like to share some of my initial thoughts when first browsing through your online store. I hope that my recommendations can be beneficial to you in improving your store performance.

Page UI design 

First of all, I need the pop-up form and some sections below from your page need to be improved in the UI design. Please have the clear Heading, Text, and Call to action button in EACH of them. This impressively triggers the customer's willingness to interact with your page.


I recommend you never leaving a section with NO call to action button. This drives customers to nowhere and makes them bounce from your store.


Especially, with the Product details section, the buttons such as Buy Now or Add to cart should never be missing or unclear. You should place them in the most noticeable spot, with big size.



Create 'Why us' and 'FAQ' page

To keep the Product page not too long, which makes the customer feel hard to decide the 'Buy' action, you should separate the rest of your page into new pages and put them in the navigation menu. This way, customers can still find the information they need whenever they want to.



Add Cross-sell section

It is necessary that on the Product page, you include the 'People also buy' or 'Recommended for you' section. You can show products based on customers' preferences or suggest them to buy other products just like your previous customers. Eventually, you can increase the average order value.

You can check out our templates for more inspiration for your page. Feel free to check our blog article as well. A Page Builder can be seen as a good choice for you to have an attractive and powerful page quickly. You will have lots more time focusing on strategies. By the way, the BFCM is on its way. What have you been doing to prepare for it? PageFly collaborated with Wilson Ho, Shopify Tech Partner Manager, to create this video that will share you insightful tips to boost sales and reveal secrets to warm your customers up through the whole year. Let's check it out!

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