I need some major help!!!

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I am trying to scale my E-commerce business asap!! I have had my Shopify store for almost 6 months now. I have run ads on IG, FB, and TikTok. I have my business featured on Google to increase traffic via SEO. To date, I have only recorded 1 sale. I have the traffic coming in (not quite what I would like) but I am still struggling with my conversion rates. My goal is to increase traffic, and conversion rates, and scale my business to 10K monthly. Can someone please take a look at my website to help me out with some tips or suggestions that will help accomplish these goals?


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I have been doing online marketing ads via Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok for almost a year now

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Okay, I have seen and replied to your DM

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I am sorry to be blunt, but your online store needs a lot more work if you want to be successful. Instead of burning money on ads, you should focus on improving your website first. There are so many areas that need to be improved before you can even imagine to scale to the level you want to achieve.


1 - your store banner is confusing, I didn't understand what you are selling, and how that relates to the shop.

2 -  you are using 3 announcement banners, that is premium real estate, and welcome to our store does not warrant its place on the top.

3 -  you are positioning yourself as the premium urban fashion brand, your price points certainly points that way. But your product photos and product descriptions do not reflect that price point. None of your collapsible rows work in the product page, you don't have material, dimension and care instructions.

4 - Your shipping/return policy is not written very well and does not read very professional to be.

5- Your contact is a Yahoo email address.

6 - Most stores would put Contact Us & Shipping on the footer rather than the main navigation bar.



I guess my point is that your store does not look professional at the moment, and if I was a customer, I would not trust your store. If you want to scale, you would be better off hire a professional to redo your website first before burning all the money on ads. Driving traffic to the store is easy, but getting people to convert is hard.

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Hi, @Josephmckay_24 


After reading your description, I notice that your website already has a lot of traffic. What you need to solve now is the conversion problem, which needs to be considered from three aspects.


1.Is the inbound traffic accurate?

Your store did not give me clear instructions on what products you are selling, and the target customer group is vague. If you sell clothes for kids, you need to realize that the parents, not the kids themselves, are more likely to buy clothes for their kids. Therefore, your target audience should mainly be women between the ages of 30 and 40, and this should be the issue you need to pay attention to during the advertising process.


2.Website Browsing Experience


The overall feeling of your website is not bad. The problematic part will reduce some conversion rates, but it will not be absent. I think you should think about the problem of product description. This is the most fatal problem of your website which is also one of the main reasons why your products cannot be sold.



The product display rule on your website is to put a picture of the front of the clothes and a back of the clothes. I understand that you want customers to have a complete understanding of the products, but this is not helpful for the selling it. customers prefer to see the models wearing them. You can see the performance of the clothes more directly, and there is no such display in your current store.

The example will be shown as picture below:



I hope you can start from the customers’ usage scenario to solve the their problems.


3.Conversion rate problem


I noticed that your website has installed some plug-ins, but these plug-ins are not products that guide users to convert, but management plug-ins after user sales. The plug-ins that convert users belong to the plug-ins that users retain and pay.


The plug-ins that convert users are plug-ins for pop-up windows and emails. You can install them on the website to see the effect. The specific examples are shown in the figure below:




However, it is recommended that you try the free plugin first. You can read my personal introduction and follow the instructions to get 10,000 free emails and such a pop-up function. I hope it will be helpful to your business.


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