I would be very grateful for opinions and suggestion on my website 'Norse Trader'

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Hi All,

I am new to Shopify and have setup my store selling Norse/Viking Jewellery, some products locally handcrafted in the UK and also products imported from China (AliExpress). More products will be added over time but I have reached the point where I am trying to drive traffic to my site but customers are leaving on average after 1 min.

I think I am so used to the site now that I am missing key elements required to drive purchases. So I would be very grateful for your thoughts and advice on the site in general and specifically;

  • Layout
  • Navigation
  • Customers trusting the website?

Some points I am aware of which I need to look at are;

  • Pricing - odd decimal place numbers I.e. £5.42. I think I need to round up or down to £x.99 ?
  • Missing descriptions or lack of detailed description - I am slowly going through the products but I imported roughly 1K products and the supplier descriptions are not the best on some products.

Best wishes and thank you in advance,


Name: NORSE Trader. | www.norsetrader.co.uk


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Hello @CCN2623 ,

I just had look into your website, It's looking good. I observed few points on your website, I hope those will helpful for your website.

-> Provide sign in/create account options through social media.
-> You can add the item reviews under product page, Item reviews can help give customers that additional propel they have to confide in your online shop and finish their buy. I would suggest including item reviews too, as reviews for customers to share their positive experience thus different customers can see the reviews and be influenced to purchase.
-> You can Add blog page, Blog initially used to provide a unique way for people to share their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and opinions and It is a huge opportunity to increase your company's visibility.
-> You can improve your Testimonials. Testimonials take the spotlight away from the seller, and shine it on the customer. Adding client testimonials to your website can be an extremely effective way to establish trust and strengthen your company's reputation. They are extremely powerful tools when it comes to strengthening your branding.
-> Add wishlist feature on product page.
-> You can begin giving dedication focuses to your customers on various credits like joining, subscription, making a buy, taking into account message pop-ups, sharing or following via web-based media mean referral rewards. This will assist you with captivating your customers and hold them. You can compensate your customers to reclaim those focuses. At the point when you will offer focuses to them they will come back again later on to cause a buy to reclaim those focuses. This energizes rehash buys which expands deals and helps in holding your customers.

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 Hi @CCN2623

My first impression is your store looks clean, nice and consistent in terms of color scheme. The pages load quite fast. Nice work!

I also have some suggestions, hope they can be helpful:

About navigation:

- I am a bit confused between Handcrafter and Dress Jewelry => may you use simpler words to describe the category?

- I think it would be more helpful if the products are categorized as rings, bracelets, etc; then after you have submenu as Gold, Silver, etc. Anyway, it also depends on your target audience, how they find the product and what type of categorization they are familiar with

For home page:

- Since your niche is jewelery, I recommend you have a hero image that reflects your store niche, so visitors don't need to read your navigation to know what the store is about


- It would be nice if after the hero image, you have a section that mentions the benefits when someone buys from you, for example: High quality, free shipping, etc. Anything that highlights your brand and your service


- This's a nice place to tell a bit more about your brand / brand story or any certificates or anything that prove the product quality in order to increase trust


- Add a Call-to-action around here: as it's the end of the page and a call-to-action can be a friendly reminder, asking the visitors to browse products or collections, or they might scroll to the end and leave


- Add a section of testimonials (product pages have reviews but most of them are No review, so I think a testimonial section can serve as social proof and enhance the brand credibility)

For product page:

- I found that size guide is missing, only the product information isn't enough for the customer to feel confident and buy. It also means that the customers need to research and find themselves the information to answer whether the ring fits them or not.


- If possible, add 2-3 more images: some shoppers highly depends on visual content, a product with only 1 image can cause you a disadvantage. Other images may cover the product from different angles, or the product on model.

- If you want to personalize the product page bit more, you may consider, adding the link to Refund and return page near add to cart button, create a section the mention product highlights (I think it's worth trying with the product you want to promote the most)

We have more ideas for a personalized product page here, check it out if you're interested https://pagefly.link/mvEbsRGE 

In order to increase trust, you may consider adding the About us page into the main navigation https://www.norsetrader.co.uk/pages/about and customize the page a bit more to show the company's leaders / managers / CEO => it humanizes the brand and create more trust. If possible, features the people who craft the products or your outsource process to keep good quality.


I hope those ideas can be helpful to you, if they are, please give me a 'like'.

Thanks in advance and I wish you the best of luck!


P/S: if you want to custom the page in the extend that current theme doesn't provide, please consider trying PageFly. We are top 1 Page Builder on Shopify and have Free plan (no time limit) for you to test the product. I think it will come in handy for your About us and Product page.



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Super cool love the pictures and product , Good luck with your store.  jennifer-journey.myshopify.com I'm just building opening soon . Check me out 

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Hey @CCN2623This is AiTrillion- an All-in-one Marketing Platform on Shopify. Here are some ways to make your store even better and make people want to purchase:

- Add a section of trending, new products on the homepage.

- Add an announcement bar to highlight important information that you don't want your customers to miss out on.

- Add testimonials/ review carousel on the homepage.

- You can add Instagram shop & feed above the footer instead of these images. 


- Add these missing tools to your store:

  • To reduce the bounce rate you need to make your store engaging. Add customer engagement tools like a loyalty rewards program, web push notifications, and others. If a customer leaves your store, send them a price drop alert notification with the help of a web push notification. Web push notification helps to bring back customers to your store and helps in reducing the bounce rate. You can send updates and abandoned cart push notifications to bring customers to your store.
  • Entice customers by giving them loyalty points on activities like sign up, leaving a review, allowing push notification, visiting a store, on birthdays, and more. This will help you to increase the email and push subscribers. You can then run email and push campaigns to reach your customers on the basis of customer behavior. This helps in increasing the conversion and retention rate.
  • Add an announcement bar to highlight important information that you don't want your customers to miss out on.


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P.S- If you need help with setting up the features, I will be happy to help.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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