I would like a store review. Low conversion rate.

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Hello Shopify community, I have been working on a store for about 3 months now, lots of changes have been done. But what’s the next step to take my store to the next level with a high conversion rate?


here are some of my statistics.


my store link is Evermassager.com


Thank you all for your time, I will be looking forward from hearing back!

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Your store seems like a decently put together dropshipping site for massage tools - you've already taken care of a lot of the must-haves like adding reviews, a good return policy, free shipping etc.


Do you know where your visitors are dropping off? ie, are they bouncing from your homepage or do you get a lot of abandoned carts? You'll want to optimize for the specific stage you're seeing the drop-off.


If you're seeing drop-offs directly on the homepage, four things I'd address are:

1. Advertise your free shipping in a bar at the top

2. Show less products on the home page and make the merchandizing feel more intentional (being offered an electric fan, three pillows, and then a giant picture of slippers makes for a confused buying experience)

3. Be clear about where your store is based - not having a physical address or phone number on your contact page decreases trust

4. Adjust your pricing and discount strategy, seeing something discounted from $126 to $60 CAD makes it feel like $60 CAD is the real price. If you're not married to an original price of $126, $89.99 discounted to $59.99 feels less suspicious somehow 😅


You can also check out the of this guide for some tools you can trial depending on the ideal "vibe" of your store. Dropshipping sites need to walk a fine line between feeling 'premium' and 'pushy'...



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Hi @evermassager 


Thanks for reaching out to the community. This is MooseDesk - All-in-one Shopify Helpdesk App.


Congrats on your store. I think it does look gorgeous.


I had a look at your store and do have some point to make it bring better experience to potential customers. Please kindly check below:


1. Categorize products 




Currently you are putting all products into one page and do not categorize it into sub-category like: Eye Message, Shoulder Message, ... this might make customers find it difficult to understand what kind of product they can find in your store.


Here's a example for you:




After that you can add section for different purpose massager so visitors can understand what types of product they can expect from your store


2. Add information of the trending product




Currently your trending product section is too wide. Though displaying the product image clearly, it does not show any information about this product. For example: product name? product type? What's good about it?


I'd suggest you to divide this section into 2 parts: one for the pictures (use 3-5 pictures is better than 1 big picture), one for product information. 


3. Have a support widget


So a very important in creating great user/customer experience is designing a place where customers can easily ask about your product or feedback their experience.


Currently your store has not had such thing and it might be a pain point in shopping online cause there's nowhere to ask and receiver answer. It might look like this:



If you want to find a FREE option for that, MooseDesk is a good choice. It's a customer service app/helpdesk that could help you do all the things I have suggested above. If you want to give MooseDesk a try, feel free to do it and hit our 24/7 support so we can help you enhance UX experience.




As an enthusiast in UX, I recommend implementing these changes to improve customer experience when scrolling through your store.


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Thank you, 

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Hi! Thanks for uploading your store! I've created a report with some of the important store elements I've seen help merchants become successful. I've audited if you have these elements and provided a recommendation for the sections where I saw an opportunity to improve. Take a look at some of the feedback and let me know what you think!

Unique Selling Points and Social Proof

1. About Us Page

Store Element Current State Recommendation
About Us Page There is a section titled "Our Mission" but not a dedicated "About Us" page. Create a comprehensive "About Us" page that highlights the store's history, vision, and mission in more detail. Sample text: "Founded in 2022, Ever Massager is dedicated to bringing the transformative benefits of deep relaxation to everyone. Our high-quality massage products are designed to elevate your well-being through innovative technology and competitive prices."

2. Brand Uniqueness

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Brand Uniqueness "Our Mission" section briefly mentions a purpose. Expand on what sets Ever Massager apart. Include specifics like: "Located in Canada, Ever Massager was founded by wellness enthusiasts determined to make high-quality relaxation tools accessible to everyone. Our products are locally sourced, handmade, and focus on organic, eco-friendly materials."

3. Badges for Social Proof

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Social Proof Badges No visible social proof badges are present. Add trust badges such as "100% Satisfaction Guaranteed," "Quality Assured," and "Money-Back Guarantee" prominently on the product and checkout pages to build customer trust.

4. Social Media Links and Sharing Options

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Social Media Links Social media icons are present at the top and bottom of the page. Ensure these icons are clickable and link to active social media profiles. Include social sharing buttons on product pages to empower users to share products directly on their social media.



5. Logo

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Logo There is a clearly visible logo. Maintain the current logo if it aligns with the brand’s identity. Consider refining if necessary to ensure it reflects the brand’s ethos.

6. Banner

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Banner The homepage features a large, attractive banner with a call to action. Ensure the banner is regularly updated with new promotions or banner images to keep the site fresh and engaging for repeat visitors.

7. Consistent Branding

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Consistent Branding The website shows consistent use of colors, fonts, and logo. Continue to maintain brand consistency across all platforms and marketing materials to establish a strong brand identity.


Call-to-Action (CTA)

8. Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Clear CTA CTA buttons like "Add to Cart" and "Buy Now" are present but could be more prominent.

Make CTA buttons stand out more by using contrasting colors and larger, bold fonts. Ensure these buttons are prominently placed in both product listings and product detail pages to facilitate a smooth purchase process.


Product Images

9. Are there images?

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Product Images: Essential for showcasing products and facilitating purchase decisions. Yes, there are images for each product. Ensure all images are high quality, and maintain a consistent style.

10. Are they the same style?

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Consistent Style: Ensures a cohesive visual experience for the user. Yes, the images appear to be in the same style. Continue to maintain uniformity in image style for brand coherence.

11. High-Quality Images: Clear, high-resolution product images from multiple angles.

Store Element Current State Recommendation
High-Quality Images: Assist in providing detailed visuals, reducing product-related uncertainty. Yes, clear images with multiple angles for most products. Ensure all products have high-resolution images from various angles, including close-up shots of features for enhanced user experience.

12. Do the image backgrounds look generic? How could I improve the backgrounds to look bespoke and unique to this store?

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Unique Backgrounds: Enhances brand identity and visual appeal. Backgrounds are predominantly white and clean. Introduce subtle branding elements or lifestyle backgrounds contextualizing the product in real-world usage without making the images appear cluttered. Using soft, branded colors can add uniqueness.



13. Do they have a Contact Us area?

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Contact Us Area: Essential for customer inquiries and support. Yes, a Contact Us section is present. Ensure this section is easily accessible from all pages, and consider adding a simple contact form for ease of use.

14. Do they have live chat?

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Live Chat: Facilitates immediate customer support and interaction. No live chat feature observed. Implement a live chat option to provide real-time assistance and improve customer service. This can increase conversion rates by addressing buyer concerns instantly.

15. Contact Information: Clearly displayed and easy to find, possibly including a live chat feature.

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Contact Information: Builds trust and provides channels for support. Contact information is displayed, but not prominently. Enhance visibility by placing contact information in the header or footer of every page. Include live chat and multiple contact methods (email, phone) for better accessibility.



16. Is there a description?

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Product Description: Vital for conveying product details and benefits. Yes, product descriptions are available. Ensure descriptions are comprehensive, focusing on features and benefits. Use engaging language to entice customers.

17. Detailed Product Descriptions: Informative and compelling descriptions using bullet points for easy reading.

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Detailed Product Descriptions: Enhance readability and understanding. Descriptions are present but could be more detailed. Use bullet points to highlight key features and benefits for better readability. Include usage instructions and care tips to add value.

18. Are the products in a similar genre? Do they tell a brand story?

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Product Genre and Brand Story: Creates a cohesive brand narrative and attracts target audience. Products are within self-care, but categories seem loosely connected. Establish a clearer brand narrative connecting all products under a unified theme of wellness. Use storytelling to emphasize brand values and mission.

19. Upselling and Cross-selling: Feature related products on product pages to increase order value.

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Upselling and Cross-selling: Boosts average order value by offering complementary products. Some related products are suggested. Improve recommendations by using more personalized suggestions, like “Customers also bought” or “Complete the set” sections, for more effective cross-selling.

20. Real-time Inventory Update: Show stock levels to inform customer purchase decisions.

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Real-time Inventory Updates: Creates urgency and transparency, encouraging quicker purchases. Inventory levels are not shown. Implement real-time stock updates to inform customers of product availability. Highlight low stock items to incite urgency.

21. Are there product reviews (social credit)?

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Product Reviews: Helps in building trust and providing social proof. Yes, product reviews are visible. Promote verified reviews and include photo reviews for more authenticity. Encourage users to leave feedback post-purchase with incentives.


Returns and Policies

22. Is there clear Return and Shipping Policies?

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Return and Shipping Policies: Key for customer trust and informed purchasing decisions. Policies are present but underexplained. Make return and shipping policies more prominent and detailed. Use bullet points for clarity and ensure they are easily accessible from all product pages.

23. FAQ Section: Address common customer questions and concerns.

Store Element Current State Recommendation
FAQ Section: Reduces customer support queries by addressing common questions. An FAQ section is present. Continuously update the FAQ section based on common queries and user feedback. Include a search function to help users find answers quickly.


24. What sections do they have? Could there be more? Should there be less?

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Website Sections: Organized sections help in easy navigation and finding information. Sections include Featured Collection, Mission, Reviews, Blog Posts, and FAQ. Consider adding a 'Best Sellers' section for higher visibility of popular products. If some sections like 'Mission' feel redundant or too wordy, simplify them for a cleaner look or integrate them into the About Us page.

25. Streamlined checkout with payment options customers might already use including Apple Pay, Shop Pay, Amazon.

Store Element Current State Recommendation
Streamlined Checkout: Reduces cart abandonment and simplifies the purchase process. Various payment methods available, but not highlighted. Highlight available payment methods like Apple Pay, Shop Pay on the checkout page and product pages to reassure customers. Optimize the checkout process to minimize steps and form fields.

26. Anything else you think should be improved with this store.

Store Element Current State Recommendation
General Improvements: Overall enhancements to improve user experience and sales. The store is generally well-formatted, but navigation and minor details could be improved. Consider improving the visual hierarchy with better use of fonts and colors. Enhance mobile optimization as many users shop via mobile devices. Regularly update the blog section with engaging content to boost SEO and customer engagement. Add video demonstrations for products where possible to provide better visual clarity on product usage.

By implementing these recommended improvements, the store could increase user engagement, enhance user experience, and achieve higher conversion rates.