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Since there is no way to speak with anyone in support directly ( a feature that should be accessible 24/7...I have somehow lost my catalog and menu buttons on my home page for my store. I have no clue how it happened or what I idd...I need immediate assistance I have just received new inventory and customers are unable to locate it on the site without knowing the style name or clicking on the product via instagram...please somebody reach out to me...I am freaking out....SOS....



a small business owner still learning...


please contact me via email at

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Hi @ceolavidaminks 

Welcome to the forums. You sound pretty stressed out, sorry that this is your first visit in a pretty difficult time!

Two things that come to mind, 1. Have you installed any new apps recently? 2. Have you changed anything on your theme recently?

Both of these things can have unintended consequences to your shop, as they can interact with your theme in ways that you may not fully appreciate. Whenever you install an app, its ALWAYS a good idea to make a backup of your theme, so you can quickly revert if you experience these sorts of issues.

If you've installed an app since this issue happened, contact the app provider and find out if they have any suggestions, it might be a common issue for their users. If you haven't, then review the current apps and see if they've made any changes recently, they might have made an update that might have changed something. 

On the other side, if you've made changes to your theme, think about rolling them back and see what the difference is. If you've got a custom theme, maybe reach out to the theme developer and see if they have updated anything that might have changed your shop.

Hope this helps, good luck with your struggle, worst case scenario, just redo your Navigation Menu from your shopify admin and that might fix it.

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