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Include mp4 video files in "Image with Text" section (featured-row)

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As you are all most likely familiar, Shopify provides an "image with text section". 

I can include png, jpg images or even gif, but I would like to include mp4 video files too.

So to recap, my question is: how can you insert mp4 files into the " image with text" section, or how can you make a new duplicate section, but one that allows for mp4 uploads too, instead of just png, jpg and gif?



This was the closest thing I could find:, in the sense that it allows you to include mp4 on your hompage via a new section, but not quite as clean as the image with text section. 

Any help please? 


PS: i use brooklyn theme.

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi @Spr123 ,

I am not sure if able to find solution but I just created a video with text section. You can also add an internal source video. Check the video for more info. 


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