Introducing a free store grader resource for this community

Shopify Partner
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I've been in the shopify community for the last 6 years. Helping brands build their stores, and coaching founders on how to convert more visitors into first time and repeat sales through my work at Privy. I'm also the host of the ecommerce marketing school podcast.

Today I'm excited to launch our shopify store grader, a totally free, on-demand resource for shopify store owners looking for feedback, and tailored recommendations.

You simply pop in your store URL, and grader will run a 30 point check on your shopify store. It'll look at things like conversion, cross-sell, seo + domain authority, then give you a few pointers on how to improve.

Feel free to check it out at It's in beta so any feedback is welcome. We really are trying to make this a world class resource for shopify founders. 

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