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Hello everyone!  Im a 20 year veteran of the security industry but this is my first foray into e-commerce.  I would love feedback for my site https://defendityourself.com .  I am currently using the following apps Defendityourself.com shopify apps .  Thanks in advance for your time

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Hi Louis,

Your store is great. You've done a lot of things right and have all the foundations of a successful store. You appear very trustworthy because you do a great job of communicating your experience and knowledge in the industry.

My recommendations:

The paragraph at the top of your homepage is very US focused. You concentrate a lot on yourself and not enough on the customer. 

  • You are "20-year veterans”. Great but what are the benefits for me the customer.
  • “All of our products have US/English firmware”. Again, how does this benefit the customer.

The trick is to concentrate on the benefits to the customer rather than the features

e.g. Feature = US/English firmware. Benefit = piece of mind knowing foreign countries aren’t spying on them.

A famous example is from a Rolls-Royce ad. Instead of claiming the new Rolls-Royce has 5cm of noise insulation. They said, “At 60 miles per hour the loudest noise in this Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock”.

To learn more about copywriting read The Definitive Guide to Copywriting. It’s the best guide I’ve come across.

Also If you’re interested, I wrote about the 5 common mistakes new store owners make.

I hope this helps,


Are you struggling to make sales? Then read this: https://www.vysors.com/feedme/article/increase-conversions/
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Thank you so much for giving me actionable items I really appreciate it!



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Great job on your store!

I like your photos. They look professional! ? 


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Hi, welcome to e-commerce!

Your store is great but I do have some suggestions. I think the section outlining your services doesn't stand out enough. Also, the image you have gets cut off and is way too big imo. I would also probably refraing from using all caps for the header title. 

Also, I'm currently working on a social proof plugin to help with conversions and its free. I'd love your feedback and it should help drive sales! https://prooffactor.com/blog/integrating-with-shopify/

I'm currently working on a social proof plugin to help with conversions and its free! https://prooffactor.com/blog/integrating-with-shopify/
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Hey awesome job on your store that's a really big deal. I know a lot of people gave really great advice here but I'll give you my own opinion.

The first thing I noticed is that you are collecting an email address first name and last name, that is kind of a lot of steps for a customer to fill out if I saw that I would not fill it out because it looks kind of daunting with three fields could you consider just doing an email or email and first name.

Also I think it's great that you have the ability to call or text or email I think that goes a long way and helps to really establish Trust.

Also I like that you have trust badges on your site and reviews.

one thing I noticed is that I think you have too much taxed on your front page you 1 2 3 4 5 lines of text just describing stuff it took me a good 10 seconds to figure out what you were actually selling just because there's so much information see if you can write it more simply remember we don't want to have the customer or need to think too much if they have to think too hard about what you're selling they're going to go to an easier website.

Also I noticed that on mobile you don't have an always visible by button see the screenshot below you should have you're by button always within a thumbs reach one of the biggest reasons that people don't buy things and people can't figure it out so if you have the buy button always visible you can reduce customer friction. I traded an app that can help you with that: 


also see the screenshot below for what I saw when I tried to buy.  Notice that there is no buy button visible

One last thing is consider having a Blog I think that the stuff that you sell is perfect for blog because it's very high-priced and people are going to be doing a lot of research for those things so if you can go into a lot of detail about the different types of products that you sell and the pros and cons in a blog I think one would be able to rank highly on Google and it would help increase your SEO and 2 you would

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Thank you for the tips I will implement them today.  I wasnt a fan of the all caps either its a function of the font them so Ill try to learn to change the font

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