Is everything a lie??? Wow

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I have been pretty busy the last couple weeks. Holiday and I've been sick.  So I noticed 2 days ago that my website was down.  I was getting some parked page by  I didn't have time and I was still sick so I brushed it off that I would deal with it the next day.  Long story short my domain had expired and I had an old card listed to renew with godaddy.  So I fix it about 2:30pm on 12/27

I just quickly checked to make sure it up and going still and it tells me that there is a current visitor.  And it says that I have had 6 other visitors today as well.  Hmmm interesting.  I check the log to see when. And what do you know. All day long and yesterday several visits and the day before.  You get the picture.  But how??   I couldn't reach the website.  NS was pointing to a parked page from godaddy the past week. Yet. Shopify since the site was up and paid for they are reporting visits to me.   Bullshit.  Can some please explain to me how I could have 6 visits from 2am till now. When my site was offline untill an hour ago?





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