is my store ready?

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How do i know if my store is ready to make sales and not make mistakes?


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@skreem ,


Can you provide Store URL?

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@skreem wrote:

How do i ... not make mistakes?

This fear is understandable and normal, lets recognize that type of fear can be a mistake in and of itself.

Left unchecked it can become a self-fulfilling cyclical 🔁  issue in a new business.

Face it head on and examine that thought process.

If this is your first store recognize you have no basis for knowing if a store is "ready" or even what a mistake looks like before they happen.

 ironically this type of self-awareness about unknown unknowns can be an incredibly useful internal-feedback tool in avoiding mistakes with a lack of experience.


Shorterm aside from bringing expensive expertise , there are some actionable items every new merchant can do so that a minimum quality is met:


Such as using generalized launch checklists: 


Or only opening your store to a limited audience to gather customer feedback. Do so by using the storefront password, a tool like locksmith, etc.


How do i know if my store is ready to make sales

In the most reductive sense, place a test order and literally do all the fulfillment steps like you're your own customer, or have family/friend place the order. 



Embrace these facts: everyone makes mistakes and you will too, and perfection is the enemy of good.

Technical term for this is analysis paralysis, worrying about mistakes so nothing is done to avoid not making mistakes.

The main way to avoid mistakes is experience with mistakes. Go make mistakes.

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