Is this website trustworthy without contact details or payment gateways?

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This store appears to be doubtful as it does not have contact details nor the payment gateways.


Last time i lost money similarly for boat earphones...

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Hi @pradepn1381 


Thanks for reaching out - well done for posting here and being cautious before placing an online order.


I understand that you have some concerns about a website, and you believe they are using Shopify. I am unable to confirm any details about a store, or confirm if they are using Shopify or not.


It is always important to be cautious when shopping with unfamiliar websites. Losing money due to a similar experience in the past is certainly not ideal, and it's understandable to feel skeptical when encountering sites with similar warning signs.


To avoid encountering similar situations again, it is important to do your research, read reviews, and check for contact details, payment gateways, and other signs of legitimacy before making purchases. Additionally, if you feel unsure or uncomfortable with a particular website, it may be best to refrain from making a purchase and explore other options.


I checked the URL you provided and found this contact page here. I would suggest contacting them first, and expressing your concerns with them so that they can address them. I would also recommend checking out our safe online shopping guide here which is a great resource.


If you do decide to go ahead and place an order, make sure you use a payment method that has buyer protection such as a valid credit card from a well known banking institution. Many banks will have processes in place to protect their customers if an online purchase goes bad.


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