Just starting out need any advice you can offer feedback on store and product presentation

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The site feels very incomplete and your domain is .myshopify. You should change that. I don't see any links for an about us page, shipping page, return page, or size chart. People want to know where their product is coming from, how long it will take, and if the item will fit or not. There is nothing wrong with your color scheme as far as matching, but if you go and look at most any professional clothing site you will find that most all of them have their products showcased on a white background. Not only does this look more professional, it really helps the item colors in the photos to pop so that's just something you can check out. Weird color schemes just kind of give it more of a homemade feel. 


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I’m sorry, but the site looks very amateur. I would suggest improving the aesthetics a little bit.


- Get a custom domain, such as www.metrowestshirts.com or something similar. This is the first step to building your brand.


- Get a logo. You can get one for a reasonable price on Fiverr.com. You can also create your own. Check out this blog post as a guide: https://www.shopify.com/blog/online-logo-makers.


- I would suggest adding a banner as well. One banner to show that you offer fine themed photography T-Shirts.


- I would also suggest creating a bit of contrast between your website background and the background of your images. If you want the website background to be gray, then the background of the images should be white. Or vice versa.


- Add an About page to tell your story.


- Add a Contact page. This builds trust.


- Add Shipping and Returns information. This also builds trust. Free shipping is great, of course. But how do you ship your shirts? Where do you ship? How long before a customer can expect to get their shirt?


- Provide sizing chart. Very important. This helps your customers make the right decisions when purchasing and prevents most returns.


Good luck, Mike.

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great feedback thank you, I appreciate it

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Hello @MikeSmith, your store isn't opening! 

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Hello Mike!

Your store link isn't working.

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