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Lack of sales

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My store has been open since November 2023, had very few sales trickle in from Pinterest ads. Its very expensive though and I'm very much on a budget. 


I believe my website looks aesthetic, clean and easy to navigate. My social media posts are professional and show high quality standard of images/video. 


I regularly run promotions with discount codes etc. Prices are lower than most other clothing stores I've seen! 


Any tips greatly appreciated:

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Hi @axgstapparel,


Thanks for reaching out to the community. This is MooseDesk - Customer Support Helpdesk/FAQ App


Congrats on your store! Your store looks stunning. I can tell you have put a lot of effort into building this. However, I have some comments to make the good get even better. Here are some of my recommendations for better customer experience, please kindly check.


1. Logo Size Optimization:


The current size of your logo in the navigation menu may be distracting for users. I recommend resizing it or considering an alternative version that maintains brand recognition while ensuring smoother navigation.


2. Navigation Improvement:


Transitioning from a hamburger menu to a horizontal navigation menu can significantly improve user experience by allowing quick access to desired pages without additional steps. This adjustment is especially beneficial for desktop users.


Here is an example for you: 




3. Homepage Optimization

3.1. Implement Hero Banner


Introducing a hero banner on your homepage is essential for capturing visitors' attention and communicating your store's value proposition effectively. Utilize high-quality images and compelling descriptions to highlight your unique selling points and product offerings.


You can follow this example below. From this hero banner, I can immediately tell that this is a platform for finding tutors, and the image makes me feel that their tutors will be friendly and helpful.




3.2. Named Product Section:


Provide clarity and purpose to your curated product section by assigning it a name, such as "Picked by Us." This will guide users to explore the section with confidence, increasing engagement and potential conversions.


Here is the section I mention about: 




3.3. About Us Section with CTA:


Establishing a connection with your audience is crucial. Include an About Us section on your homepage to introduce your brand and values, followed by a clear call-to-action button directing users to learn more on a dedicated page. This builds trust and encourages prolonged engagement.


3.4. Introduce Reviews/Testimonials section:


Showcase positive feedback from satisfied customers to build credibility and trust. Revamp this section to highlight compelling testimonials, reinforcing the quality and reliability of your products.


Here is an example for you: 




3.5. Create Benefits Section:


Clearly outline the unique benefits of shopping from your store to differentiate yourself from competitors. Highlight factors such as exceptional customer service, product quality, or exclusive offers to attract and retain customers.


You can create by revamping this current section on your homepage




4. Footer Revamp


Utilize the footer section to provide essential store information, including address, email, and phone number if applicable. This reassures customers of your legitimacy and provides easy access to contact details for inquiries or support.


You can follow this example: 




5. Product Imagery Expansion:


Enhance the shopping experience by including a variety of high-resolution product images, showcasing different angles, models wearing the products, and close-ups of materials. This allows customers to make informed purchasing decisions.


6. Implement FAQ, Contact Pages, and Support System:


Address common customer inquiries with a comprehensive FAQ page and ensure easy access to support through a dedicated system. Additionally, consider creating a 'Contact Us' page for alternative contact points. This approach improves customer satisfaction and reduces potential barriers to purchase.


To address this, I recommend using MooseDesk, an app for creating unique FAQ pages for your customers. Besides helping you creating your FAQ and Contact us page, we also provide a helpdesk/ticketing system for your customer support. 


Since our app is now available for free, all current users will be considered as early-bird users and get to enjoy all our current features for free forever!


As an expert/enthusiast in UX, I recommend implementing these changes to improve customer experience when scrolling through your store.


If this is helpful for you, please let me know by giving me a 'LIKE'. If your question is answered, please mark this as 'SOLUTION’.


Thank you, 

MooseDesk - Customer Support Helpdesk/FAQ app

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Hi @axgstapparel,


This is Kate from PageFly, the Shopify Landing Page Builder app. As a website builder and CRO expert, I'd like to share a few suggestions for optimizing your store.



1. The product, image background, and store background are all black. 

It may be a bit challenging for visitor to see the product properly. Although the store may seems clean and clear at first, but it’s hard to navigate the product details and important CTAs. 

I recommend adjust the product image background with brighter colors. 



2. The logo are unnecessarily highlighted.

This position should be reserved for sale badges or product statuses (for example, 'Sale', 'New', etc.). Example: 




1. The “Add to cart” button looks identical to the buttons above it, which can be confusing. It should be highlighted to stand out. 



2 There is no product review section.

Adding a customer review section could enhance credibility and provide valuable feedback to potential buyers. 


I hope these tips will help enhance your store and boost conversion rates. Wishing you the best in your endeavors. Keep up the great work! 


Kate | PageFly team   

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I hope you are doing good and welcome to the Shopify Community!


I am San from MS Web Designer

Thank you for sharing your store URL. This allowed me to go through your site.

You have a beautiful website. I believe a few adjustments may be required to make it more professional and appealing to customers.


Here are some recommendations:

1.Logo can be more attractive.

2.Wishlist option can also be included.

Homepage: (First Impression is the last impression)

The homepage is the first landing page your customers will see after opening the website. Yours is done beautifully. Homepage banners should be there to resonate the brand properly.
1.Add featured products on the home page with an add to cart button to increase the average order value.

2.Featured Products / all Title should be Optimized and Seo Friendly.

3.Desktop Navigation is missing in the store.


4.Add sticky add to cart button on home page collection features.
5. Add a Lead magnet section on Home Page
6.If Possible, add Instagram feed on the home page.

8.Add customer reviews on the home page to gain the trust of the customer.


8.Highlight the USP of your product or service.


9.Footer must be more attractive and informative.


Collection and Product Page:

- Add Product Review on Collection Pages
- Add Sticky add to Cart and Buy now Button for quick checkout
- Add Trust Badges below add to cart or Buy now Button 

- Add Products Bages like New, 10% Off, You Save 20$ or Free Shipping


I hope this helps


Please feel free to contact us for any further help that you might require.

Best regards,


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I am piloting a tool to do detailed Website Content Audits for landing Pages ( ). As a part of that, generated a detailed report for your page here - If that is cumbersome, you can also find a summary here - Hope this is useful to you. If possible, do give me feedback on it.

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Hello @axgstapparel


I hope you are doing well and staying safe. There are a few suggestions i would like to make about your store.


  • Sticky header is recommended, as it makes it easy for the user to directly jump to the menu at any point of time while they are navigating through the Site.
  • A properly designed and built hero banner can help drive the right kind of customers on your website. Consider a strong message that represents what next step you want your site visitor to do based on their needs along with the CTA button on the banner.
  • Growing your business with a business blog is a great way to market your site. Now that you have some traffic coming to your site through your blog, you have an opportunity to convert that website traffic into leads.
  • Make sure that social links open on new tab.
  • Update contact us page with adding more details, as it builds trust on your store.
  • You can also sell your products on Etsy marketplace as it is very good platform to sell unique, handmade and Vintage goods . If you are already selling on Etsy store consider our Etsy Integration app in the shopify app store which provides seamless integration between Shopify-Etsy shop. Etsy is a Huge marketplace for selling creative goods such as art & collectibles, crafts & supplies, jewellery &accessories and more, If you have any unique/handmade/vintage goods in your store, you can give further exposure to your products.