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linkpop beta: Colour Options

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colour options. Hello. First time posting in here. Currently started using the beta link pop for social media. I noticed there’s some colour options so that you can change the background and text color. But unfortunately they do not give us the option to change the background colour of the box and text that our photos of our products go into . If the colour could be changed to the same colour as our products on our pages. This would make it much cleaner. As you can see from the picture Screenshot I will add below here. You’ll see that the option for changing the white box around my black Product Photo is not an option. So no matter what colour you choose for the background you’ll always have a white default box with the product inside. I personally think there should be the option to change this.

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Seconded. 👍

Shopify developers, please improve the following bugs/problems (including the one mentioned by the original poster above) with Linkpop:

Regarding LINKPOP:

Upon hitting 'Add to bag', the product page simply disappears without any reassuring visual feedback such as 'Processing...' or 'Loading...' or 'Just a moment...' or 'Adding to bag...' and there is a long delay of apparently no activity (which is very disconcerting for the user) before the bag icon eventually appears in the bottom-right corner (which can even go unnoticed). Please make this much snappier or better somehow. Someone else suggested there shouldn't even be a 'bag' in Linkpop – just instant buy(?). Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, it needs to be quicker and better.

Also, using the colour of Shopify-dark-green* for all the buttons is highly UNdesirable. Please make the button colour editable.

Please make the PRODUCT div and PRODUCT PAGE background colours also editable. They are currently stuck on FFFFFF (bright as the sun).

Regarding SHOPIFY:

*Even the whole Shopify back-end (merchant) interface used to look MUCH better when it was purple and green.

Anyway, it's 2022 now and people have finally woken up and stopped always making backgrounds as bright as the sun, so please make it black (dark mode). Thank you.