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LinkPop beta feedback - Allow 'buy it now' options like Apple Pay vs 'Add to Bag'

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LinkPop is supposed to be a quick view from a profile page.  The idea that a customer has to add an item to a bag then remember to open up the bag to then checkout is just slow and clunky.  If they have to go through all that, I'd rather them be at my main store where my cart addons help guide them through to conversion.


Also, the name 'bag' doesn't fit with the rest of the Shopify info arch where its called a 'cart' everywhere else.  

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I agree that Linkpop's add-to-bag functionality is currently slow and clunky (at time of posting), and that snappier would be better.

On the other hand, I disagree with using the word 'cart'. I was so happy they used the word 'bag' as it is globally acceptable, rather than using the exclusive Americanism 'cart'. Nobody in my native-English-speaking country has ever said 'shopping cart'. Everyone has always said 'shopping trolley' and I went to great pains changing every instance in my entire website (except the URLs, sadly) to 'Shopping Trolley' or 'trolley'.

Shopify/Linkpop, thank you very much for choosing the word 'bag'. It is greatly appreciated.