Looking for feedback! and advice!

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Hello! I've just launched my online jewellery store today, and am looking for people with or without experience to look around and see if it's user friendly. Looking for any advice on customizations etc.


Please help!

Thanks a lot,


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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi @SadeBlake 


Thank you for sharing your store for us to review! Over all I really love the layout, clean design and focus on the beautiful pieces themselves. I think that you have created a very appealing store, great work!


While reviewing the site, these are some of the suggestions I would make for you to consider.


Pages and page information


On your FAQ page you include a link to a ring size chart that takes the customer away from your online store and to another online jewellery store. This disrupts the customer shopping experience and also distracts them from completing a sale on your store. I recommend creating a page on your own store that you can link customers to with the same information. 


I did notice also on your Terms of Service page that you have some empty placeholders that should redirect customers to your Refund and Shipping policy. You can update that in your store admin under Settings > Legal to fill those in. 


On the About page you mention: With an ethos for sustainability and slow-fashion. Each piece is handmade using recycled metals and sustainably sourced stones. This also allows each piece to be completely unique from the next. Where are the metals and stones actually sourced, are you able to provide customers more information on that process or what you do? Either through the about page or even a blog post about your sourcing process. This builds customer trust and reliability for your brand. 


Product Details


Providing a polishing kit/care for your ring kit upsell or included in the order would be a big selling feature for customers. Customers love knowing that creators care for their products and sharing that information or the ability to keep it clean with a small polishing cloth themselves can be very helpful. Small details like that really boost the customer experience!


I recommend being more descriptive about the stones, their size and over all colors used in the product description. Customers could have vision issues, color blindness or other forms of impairment that make just looking at the images themselves difficult. Larger brands will consistently offer stone dimensions and carats (if applicable) on the stones being used. 


Also your product description needs to sell the product! Customers are more likely to buy something they connect with emotionally. Using words to help them feel the energy and design as well as the care the artist put into making these beautiful pieces will only enhance the shopping experience. Take a look at some competitor websites to see their product descriptions, and even big name brands like Tiffany, Cartier, Pandora, etc. 


Customer Retention


When can customers expect new collections? Will they be informed via newsletter? Your home page itself doesn't have a lot of content on it and I think a more prominent banner under your main image encouraging customers to sign up to learn more about product drops would be a good idea.


Hope this feedback helps and that you are able to continue making and selling your beautiful rings!

Shay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @SadeBlake,


This is Victor from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App. After looking into your store, I have some comments below and hope that you can consider them to improve your site.



1. Make a sticky header

A sticky header allows customers to quickly access the navigation, search, and utility-navigation elements whenever they scroll up or down on the page.




2. Have Direct Links to “Shipping Info” in the Footer

Difficult-to-find shipping information impedes users’ ability to make a purchase decision. Therefore, you should add direct stand-alone links to‘Shipping Info’ in the footer, as well as direct or indirect links to other secondary site content.




3. Add more content to your homepage

3.1. Add testimonial - customer reviews

When you go live and have sales, you can add Testimonials. Customer reviews are proof of your product quality. This section will help you build customers' trust. You can show rating stars for each product or you can add customer reviews with both texts and photos to increase the legislation, like this:



3.2. Have a newsletter on your homepage

Having a newsletter on your site, customers can subscribe to their emails to receive product information, any sales campaign, etc from your store. But kindly drag it out of the footer and place it right on your homepage, I bet you would have more clicks.



3.3. Feature a Representative Sample of Products on the Homepage

You should feature a diverse sample of products directly on the homepage. If the homepage displays an overly narrow preview of available products,customers are likely to overlook the broader array of products available and draw incomplete conclusions about what the site has to offer.​‌‌‌‌‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‍‎ You can refer to the example below:



3.4. Showcase your Instagram or other social profiles

As usual, social media is one of the effective ways to get more traffic and make a good connection with your customers. Display social media such as Instagram and constantly update the feed.


Product page

1. Style Product Price to Be Highly Visible

Without a clear price, users cannot evaluate a critical aspect of the product. You should place the product price in the “Buy” section and increase its visibility by using a large font size (similar in size to the product headline), bold text style, or eye-catching color.




2. Provide Images of Accessory on a Human Model

Users need an understanding of how the product will look on their own body before they feel comfortable purchasing. Without this context, users must estimate the suitability of a product based on other less helpful images and product information, resulting in lower confidence and lower likelihood to move forward with purchasing.​‌‌‌‌‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‍‎



Warmest regards,

Victor | PageFly Team

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Hello @SadeBlake ,


Your website looks really awesome! I just visited your website, and maybe there are still some details that need to be paid attention to.


The website opens slowly

When I first entered your website, I obviously felt that the loading speed of your website was a bit slow. I have used Google speed to test the speed of your website and noticed that it really needs to be optimized.



You need to focus on optimizing the opening speed of your website, which can effectively reduce the customers' loading time, so that they won't close the website directly . It is recommended that you use the PageSpeed Insights tool to view and view optimization suggestions.


Add the main products for sale on the homepage



After the user enters the page, they can directly click the purchase link of the product. It is recommended to add best-selling product for sale at this position


Add customer comments

I checked your website, and there are no user reviews. For this kind product with higher quality and price, comments are very trustworthy for customers. It is recommended to use some tools to add some reviews to promote your sales.


Brand Story

It is recommended to add a brand story on the Homepage. After all, the price of this product is relatively high, the success of the online store depends on how our customers trust us. Brand stories are one of the best ways to eliminate customers’ doubts.


Add marketing tools

Your website lacks some necessary marketing methods, such as: using the pop-up window function to guide customers to leave their email addresses, using the Chatbot function to provide customers with better services, and using the email marketing function to promote user conversion.

You can install the QuickCEP app, They can help you make some popups, do email/SMS marketing and help you improve your retention rate. By the way, we are currently rewarding 10,000 free emails, and a 1-year free trial if you sign up now!

If you need further help, I would be glad to support you one on one.




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I hope you are doing good and welcome to the Shopify Community!

This is MS Web Designer (Top Rated Shopify Certified Experts and eCommerce Consultant from Singapore).

Thank you for sharing your store URL as this allowed me to go through your website. You have a beautiful store!


Mentioning a few pointers that I think will be useful:

Website needs a favicon

Product page doesn't have reviews. This also builds trust on your website. Ask for a review on the 1st ring of the 34 rings collection. (The one marked sold out)

- No Social Media Icons on Home Page? This helps bring in more traffic to your store.

- FAQ ring size page is not part of your website. You are sending customers away from your site by doing this. Please upload a ring size chart on each product page.

- Under Refund Policy, you are willing to refund for an item where the stones are missing but no refund if the stone is cracked? What if I receive the product in a cracked state?

- Consider using the 'Coupon Discount on Cart' App from the Shopify App store for all your discounting needs. This App shows all available discounts to the customer right at Cart Page in popup mode. Thus boosting sales.

Consider purchasing your domain. A jewelry store without a custom domain name doesn't create trust on your store.

- Place trust badges on your home page so the customer feels safe when considering a purchase from you.

- Place as many payment gateways as possible at checkout so the customer can use the one they are most comfortable with. 

That's about all I could notice from a glance at your store.

I believe your store needs more work to gather proper sales. Feel free to message us for a detailed website audit which will help you figure what else is required for your website.

We'd love to assist you in any way possible!

Best of luck and Regards!

MS Web Designer

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Hello @SadeBlake,

This is flareAI: your Fully Automated Free Sales Machine. I hope you're having a good day. We are helping Shopify Merchants grow their store presence in Google and other major sales channels and generate sales of $5 million in sales from Google Search, on autopilot.

If my suggestions is helpful to you, please let me know by giving a like or marking it as a solution.

I truly hope my suggestions will help you with the best solution.

1. Add a banner or slideshow below the header section in the Home page which helps the right visitors dive deeper into your website while also weeding out the people who won't find value in what you offer.
2. Add favicon to your store which is a small square image/logo that appears next to a web address. Favicon helps to strengthen your brand and add a polished look to your website. See shopify help here.
3. Add sections like 'New Arrivals', 'Featured Collection', 'Hot Sellers' in the Home page to help keep customers updated on new products and give exposure to new collections.
4. Add product reviews as most of the customers read the review before purchasing the product. Even sometimes by reading reviews, customers may look to understand whether your product will suit their particular situation and make the decision to purchase the product.
5. Add a form in the Contact Us page for better customer interaction.
6. You can add testimonials on the home page to make the store look more professional. Testimonials allow your satisfied customers to step forward and address the questions and objections that fill the minds of your prospective buyers for you.
7. Add social media accounts links in the footer. Having social media for the store will help increase the traffic.
8. Discounts and limited-time offers will help to increase sales.
9. Logo is an important part of your company's brand, and makes a significant a on a company's public perception
10. Add more specific product title/url in product pages.
Creating the perfect SEO product title/url can help the search engine understand exactly what it is you are selling and drive more traffic to your site. So try to keep the product title/url unique and more specific.
002 – Sade Blake 2022-11-30 02-57-05.png
11. Add filters in collection pages to help your visitors narrow in on the specific product they're looking for and find products they might be interested in based on certain features (e.g. size, color, category)
12. Showing your average rating gives your shoppers quick information to make purchase decisions. Average ratings provide you with feedback on popular and unpopular products that you can use to make changes.
13. Add sticky header
Adding sticky header allow users to quickly access the navigation, search, and utility-navigation elements without scrolling up to the top of the page. They increase the discoverability of the elements in the header and the chance that users will take advantage of them.
14. Add Blogging in the store
Blogging is an amazing way to drive traffic to your website and increase your SEO. The more your blog, the more content the search engines have to crawl and index. This means they can easily recognize that your site is a resource of information for people to access.

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