Looking for feedback/critique on my store: Get a lot of traffic from ads but zero sales.

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Hi there,

I've had my store open and operating for a month and few days now. I built my store following the second free training/lesson video that oberlo had on their website from step 1 all the way to the last one. I get a quite a bit of traffic from running ad campaigns on Facebook and they are reaching people, however there hasn't been a single conversion since then and that's quite disheartening. 

Since this is my first time ever operating an online business, I am not seeing what I could be doing wrong. 

can you guys help me figure out why there's no conversion (whether it's the store layout, pricing ,wrong business to be in, etc)  

Here's the link to my store (https://coastersify.com/)

Any and every feedback and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.  


Thank you & kind regards, 



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Hello @Kiongoze 

I know how frustrating it can be to spend so much on traffic, but not have them turn into sales. However, you are not alone in this boat. There are millions of Shopify store owners with the exact same question. Sales is an organic process, which takes a lot of time, from the user getting to know your name, to visiting your store, to comparing with competitors to finally making the decision to purchase from you. That is not something that will happen in one day. However, you can follow these tips to help you boost Sales: You have great faith in your online shop, but why aren’t visitors converting? 

Another thing to note, not all traffic is good traffic. You have to ensure that you are targeting the right people and that the right people are coming to your website. For instance, if you are selling for males under 40, it makes no sense if females under 20 are visiting your store. It increases traffic, but will not increase sales. It it a good idea for you to look up your keywords on Google Trends, where you can see exactly who searches your product, where they live, what they like, etc. 

Here's my feedback on your store: 


- make your headers sticky, so that it is easier to navigate your website. Customers will remember if your site is easier to navigate and it's a good plus point. 

- add your best-sellers to your header, so that they can be easily found 

Product Images: 

Your images need a little retouching. Consider outsourcing them to a suitable vendor, who can add a professional look to your images. In online soters, people usually look at images much more than they do in regular shops, as they cannot feel or touch the product. So, how your images are is half of what your impression is. 


You will be surprised to know that chatbots are very useful in collecting customer insight, and helping you prepare better for their wants. Add a chatbot button, so that your customer's queries are never unanswered. 

Thank you and best of luck!


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Hey @Kiongoze,

Before I get into my feedback, I wanted to let you know that we are giving away prizes every week leading up to Christmas. Prizes include things like custom logos and favicons, custom store banners, one hour of store tweaks and for one lucky person, we are giving away a complete store re-design. To get your entry in, all you need to do is sign up for our email newsletter. Oh, and we are giving away FREE Christmas store banners and pop up graphics automatically to everyone who signs up.

Now, onto my feedback..

A minor thing first, I like the text you have there, that is great, I'd just swap out the background image for one that shows your product instead.


The next thing I would note is that I feel you have a bit of a mixed target audience that isn't coming across clearly on your website. Here's are the two target audiences I see potentially:
1. Individuals that want to purchase these for their parties
2. Restaurant/bar owners that want these for their businesses

The confusion happens for me when I scroll down and see that first product. The photos look to be taken in a bar or club. If you are targeting individuals that want this for a baby shower as you suggested, I'd suggest adding photos of maybe a pink and blue coaster in a photo. Guests can pick a coaster when they come in to show which gender they are guessing the baby is.

As an aside, the quantity defaults to 25, I wouldn't recommend that. I'd switch it to your lowest price offer first. Also, when you click on a specific color it isn't clear how many are included for $8.99, is it one? a pack of two?

You can certainly target both individuals and businesses, I'd just keep both in mind when writing text and in your photos. One of the keys of selling is getting inside your customers head, what problem do they have that you can solve? What words or phrases do they use that you can as well to show that you understand their needs. This point leads me into my next suggestion which is..

Your SEO. I can tell there has been some work done there which is great but a common mistake in SEO is using the wrong words. You have to include words that a person trying to find your product would search in Google. We created a video walking you through how to do your SEO:

Regarding your product choice, I haven't researched it so I don't know if it fits this criteria or not but a good product choice should have these qualities:

  1. High demand. Look for "problem fixing products".
  2. Not easily accessible. Look for products that are not available in stores or online through big retailers or Amazon.
  3. Popular. Look for trending products.

I have a lot more to say on this topic, but I cover it in our video so I'll leave it here for you to watch:

We hope our response was helpful, if it was, let us know by giving us a thumbs up and/or marking it as a solution!

Best of luck!

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Hello @Kiongoze, I hope you are doing well! here are some suggestions:

- You should make your store attractive & appealing.

- Having a good brand logo will help you in branding.

- Change the banner image.

- Add reviews on the homepage, product page. 

Start using Loyalty rewards, it will help you in customer re-engagement and retention.

Why don't you try using an Exit-intent pop-up- A good exit-intent pop-up helps to reduce retention rate and Abandon carts.

If you would like to implement the above features/ customer engagement or marketing tools in your store. I would recommend you to install the all in one Shopify app AiTrillion. I am sure you will find it useful.

Hope this Helps! 

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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HI @Kiongoze ,

My name is Richard- CRO expert at PageFly. First of all, congratulations on your store, I think it is well-designed and informative. However, if these following things can be done, I think it would be able to increase your conversion rate.


1. The first cover image on the homepage seems to be blurred and stretching, consider using another one. 

2. Add a logo brand, to increase your brand awareness

3. Add a section of About us and Testimonials, or reviews on your homepage

Product page

1. As it's not too many products, you can split the product into different shapes and colors so that customers easily see your products.

2. For each product, you should have from 3 to 5 images

3. Consider having a direct link to return and shipping policy to the product description

4. About shipping speed, you should clearly state the date of delivery, instead of giving an estimation

Page Speed 

Screenshot at Dec 12 15-44-50.png

Also, I've checked your website speed, it shows up really slow on mobile, even though on desktop, the speed is really good.

There are factors that affect store speed that you can and cannot control. What you CANNOT control are your customer's device, network, and location, content delivery network (CDN), local browser cache, server-side page cache, and the assets inside the content_for_header Liquid tag. What you  CAN control includes: apps, theme, images and videos, complex or inefficient Liquid code, font, etc.

Please check this detailed guide. We'll walk you through step by step to optimize your page speed. I promise it’s easy and it works.

And that's my feedbacks! If you find it helpful, please like and mark this as solution!

Thanks and have a nice weekend!

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