Looking for feedback for my online clothing boutique

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My website, www.spoiledluxeboutique.com, has been live for a few months now. I have been purchasing instagram ads and have gotten followers and traffic to my website. However, traffic never adds items to cart. I can see the items they are viewing but they don't make it to the final step. I'm looking for some feedback as to why I can't make any sales. 

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Hi @spoiledluxe 

This is PageFly - Landing Page Builder. I would love to provide my recommendations for your store based on 6 years of providing solutions for about 100.000 active Shopify merchants.

First of all, you got followers, it proves that your are choosing the right products and target right audience for your ads. Since you are having a decent number of followers, you may consider to create a campaign for your Instagram followers, maybe the 15% first order purchase, free shipping and a discount for next order if they provide a feedback (which you can use on your Instagram account later)

I like that you have:

- A favicon and it makes your store outstanding in the browser

- Clear menu navigation, I know exactly what your store is about

I also have some suggestions and hope they will help:

- Overall, I think font size is a bit small but it's a bit subjective, you may ask your friends' opinion about that too.


- There's no button on the Home page, so there's no encouragement for the visitors to click more. You may have Add to cart or View more buttons under the product:


- Add secondary hover image for the product image: the hover image might be an image that shows the closer look at the material or the details, which may catch the visitor's attention. If you theme doesn't support the hover image for product list, hope you may try our product - PageFly, this feature can enable easily with our app (if you have more than 1 image for product)

- Since you haven't used / got any reviews yet, you may add 1 section on the Home page about your promise or the benefits if the visitors buy. For example: 21-day free return, 15% off first purchase and Free shipping for order over $$ (if any). Something like this:


It can make the visitors feel more confident to buy from you.

- You may consider adding a section of testimonials as well

  • Customer reviews are proof of your product quality and help you build customers' trust. You can show rating stars for each product or you can add customer reviews as text and photos with reviews app for your store
  • Or if you can add a section of testimonials like this: (it's coming from one of our templates made by slideshow, text and image) 
    • PageFly_3-1632796010384.png



Take this one as example: https://www.spoiledluxeboutique.com/products/gold-chainmail-top

- You should have size chart: it will guide shoppers to learn if the top can fit them

- The top is worn by a model, let's provide information like Model's height, weight and the size she wears.


- Add links to return and refund near the Buy area (near the buttons), it will help visitors easily find the info and make them feel safe when buying from you.

- Provide a way that visitors can contact you, I see that you have a contact us page in footer and there's no content, if there's a contact form there, it may already work. Or you can add Facebook Chat or Live Chat to your store so visitors may talk with you if they have any question / hesitation.

- Since you said that your visitors haven't added anything to cart yet, let's give some incentives or a sense of urgency: maybe a limited discount campaign with countdown timer, low in stock items. I think Free return + limited time discount + Free shipping can be a good combo to test.

We have more FOMO example here if you are interested.


- Your visitors haven't got there yet but it isn't early to prepare (since your products are trendy and I think you will make a sale soon!): There's are too many buttons, especially when you view on mobile:


I suggest at least remove UPDATE CART button, or you can remove all and keep CHECK OUT button only, and say ShopPay, PayPal and GPay available at checkout.


I hope my suggestions above can help, let me know if they are useful by giving me a Like! Thank you in advance and I wish you the best of luck!


Please let me know if it works by giving it a like or marking it as a solution!

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Hi @spoiledluxe 

I've taken a look at your store and discovered that it is lacking few things:

  1. Add more information about your products
  2. You must add a sizing chart and material information in your product description
  3. Add a trust badge below ATC and Checkout button
  4. Product reviews can help visitors decide to purchase your items, especially reviews with photos. This app allows you to add photo reviews for free: Rvyiu app



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Hi @spoiledluxe !

Your products are really good but there are things on your webpage that you can improve

1. Please try to keep the banner text center-aligned and in a single line, remove the heart emojis if it isn't necessary


2. Increase the size of the product images and also the text size of the product name and pricing. I have visited your website thrice till now but I don't remember the name of the product or the pricing. 

3. If there are no products in your sale collection, I would suggest you remove that from the menu as it can be disappointing for your customers

4. Add a chat widget. People coming to the website have questions regarding the product and it's helpful to have quick replies coming in, helping users to make a quick decision. Reach out to me directly if you need help around this. I can help you with a plug and play template for free

Hope this is helpful

Reach out to me directly or visit Engati if you need more help 🙂