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Looking for feedback on my Checkout button NOT working

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Hi guys and gals,

I have set up a simple shop, offering three products. I am accepting payments using Shopify Payments and have enabled PayPal Express checkout that enables customers to use PayPal directly from their checkout. I am using Turbo Shopify Theme (a fully-loaded theme) Out of the Sandbox, and have been trying for three days to resolve this issue. I hope you can help.

So, there a two important details:

Detail 1: Here's the problem - Customers are encountering a Checkout navigation issue. I observed (via Lucky Orange app) customers Add to Cart (this seems to be working). From the top right drop down cart icon, the mini cart automatically (and manually) pops open. You click the big green Checkout button. The Checkout button is not working in SOME cases. It does not navigate the customer to the Checkout page. The Checkout button won't let the customer proceed to checkout. Also, in some cases, the customer only wants 1 item, and the mini cart won't let the customer subtract items (if they've inadvertently added more than 1 item to the cart). I simply cannot recreate the issue. Few orders are working and the Checkout button loads. I have not yet found a pattern in specific operating systems or browsers as it seems to vary on which ones the Checkout does not initialize. I have recognized this issue after observing a screen records of people trying to checkout (and received feedback from customers that it is not working). 

Detail 2: I am running Facebook ads direct to the product page: so 99% of my website traffic is clicking a Facebook ad to open the website from Facebook. If the issue is related to Facebook, I cannot reproduce the issue because I am not able to click my own Facebook ad and open the website. 

I have a Facebook Pixel installed under Shopify preferences which I use for running Facebook ads.

I have the Facebook app installed, but I am not using Facebook as a sales channel.  

I am not a programmer/coder. I have contacted the developer of the Turbo Theme on Saturday, February 27 and awaiting a response. I have paused all Facebook ads while the issue is present. I deleted two apps yesterday that I am not using (Sticky Cart Uplinkly, Free Shipping Toolbar). I deleted two apps last week that I am not using (Frequently Bought Together, Bold - Product Upsell, this developer removed residual code).

Store url:

I’m open to ideas and suggestions. 


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