Looking for feedback on my new dinneware website. Thanks!

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I am looking for general feedback on my new website, https://osarany.com/.  Both warm and cool feedback is really appreciated.   Just want to explain the background, our family business is dinnerware, restaurant equipment, and custom stainless steel work company and we have a physical store in New York.    Currently, online shopping is available for only the dinnerware category but we will work on other categories available for online shopping soon.    Thank you so much for your time reading this.   Have a good day!


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Hi mufeedAZIZ,

Thank you so much for your feedback.  They all make sense.  I will try to improve the site based on your feedback.

Have a nice day!

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I see that on the homepage, there is a slideshow of banners, but does not have any direct call-to-action. This will cause an issue of bad navigation.

  1. Add a strong call-to-action button on your banners, which should stand out from the surrounding design.
  2. A better experience would be to have the navigation bar at the header, rather than on the side as a menu option.
  3. Add Buy Now option in your product pages, instead of having only Add To Cart.

To your products that have the highest number of reviews, you can add Trust Badges on products like "Trending", or "Hot Sale", and this will help grab users' attention to the product. Or you can use badges like "Sale" or "Low in Stock", to nudge users to buy from your store. Try out ModeMagic, they offer custom stickers like these for free.

Add Wishlist to your website. They are a great way to alert customers about a sale, drive traffic to your site. Also you can do more target-oriented email campaigns. Also Add to Cart and Checkout Page needs to have a bit more planning - like giving users a visual checkout process, and option to continue shopping from the checkout page.

Thank you,
Mufeed Aziz
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Hi mufeedAZIZ,

Thank you so much for your feedback.  They all make sense.  I will try to improve the site based on your feedback.

Have a nice day!

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Hello @Miho3,

I hope you are doing good! This is AiTrillion, that's really nice that you have a physical store too. Your online store looks good but here are some suggestions that you can work on:

- There is too much spacing between the product descriptions which should not be there.

-On the product page, add the buy now button and display product descriptions as shown in the below screenshot. Also, you can add a Wishlist.

Screenshot - 2021-01-13T110306.712.png

- You can add a loyalty rewards program which will help you to entice customers coming to your store and encourage repeat purchases. You can give loyalty points to your customers for various activities like sign up, leaving a review, allowing for push notification, making a purchase, on birthdays, and many more. Today many brands have started this program to entice their customers and building a relationship. As you have a physical store also, you can give points and rewards, to customers purchasing from the physical store with the help of the Shopify store that supports POS. 

- Make sure you are using email marketing automation to reach your customers. Use triggers and workflows to automatically send messages to consumers after they take a specific action. When they sign up you can automatically welcome email and thank you email is sent. This helps you to retarget your customers according to their buying behavior and browsing behavior & helps you to automate your store and eliminate lots of manual work. 

- Also, you can add a discount popup by displaying the discount code and customize it as per your brand and products. Make it attractive. It will make your store more interactive.

Overall, your store looks good and very organized and is easy to navigate. 

Moreover, if you would like to implement the above customer engagement features I suggest trying out the 'All in one' Shopify app AiTrillion, a full-fledged marketing solution. It will help you to capture visitors coming to your store and will help in getting more conversions. Also, it supports the Shopify POS system.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to help.

Hope this helps! 


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