Looking for feedback on my new store Lucid

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Dear Team, 

Could you kindly provide me your feedback on my new store: https://lucid-store.com. This is my first try and looking for  the valuable comments on the store in general.


happy new year to all of you





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Thank you Johnny_pro for the kind feedback.

i really appreciate it.



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Hi Lucidsunglasses,

I looked at your store and it looks great. Here's some feedback:

  1. Great styling, graphics, color.
  2. Like the collections (new arrivals, hot deals, best sellers). I was a bit confused about sale & hot deals but otherwise good organization.
  3. The product details page looks great but a bit generic. 
  4. Images aren't loading for your affiliate links (INSPIRED BY YOUR SHOPPING TRENDS). Generally, these are trust killers, so use them at your own discretion.
  5. For About US section, you could share your story about how you got started.
  6. Finally, you're missing reviews for products. That is a key element for social proof. 

Hopefull this helps. 


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Thank you Susnata for the kind feedback and comments.

i will do the necessary to fix related issues.


thank you again